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Guess what?..........Its the weekend!!

The weekend is upon us once more, what's everyone doing? I'm on a shift as I write this, I finish at 10am then go to my mums house to do some gardening for her then I'm visiting my girlfriend and staying at hers. Sunday I'm seeing my 3 kids for a few hours then working from 3 til 10pm and again doing a sleep in then on shift til 3pm Monday.

Have a great weekend all ;-)

Love & Hugs


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Tomorrow morning I want to go shopping with my husband and his mother for some cheap party clothes to take on the cruise we are going on in October. Tomorrow afternoon I am working, doing an adoption home visit. Sunday I'll start writing up the visit. And Sunday I am making dinner for the family, pancakes, and scrambled eggs. I have such a taste in my mouth for buckwheat pancakes! I am doubling up my Mirapex starting yesterday, so I'm pretty darn sleepy all the time, but I'm hoping I can move a little better. You sound super busy Andy, and you sound happy!


hi andy

it si a red letter day and weekend fo rme

last ngiht saints beat Wigan tgheir deadliest rivals

and today my dad aged 90 is being brojught over ot see me in the new apartment (ffrom the wilds of middlesbrough)

the kitchen is at last almost finishedbar paintin fo the floor and the weathe ris set fair

tomorrow will be a day of rest .....

how about an onlien party nex t weekend to celebrate your new love / her birthdayh/ my apartment being sorted et c and to welcoem all the new bloggers on board

and we r going to ANGLESEY ( 4 NIGHTS W/c 17 wSept.)

lol Jill


ps frogot the



Hi Andy,

Sounds like you stay very active!And your positive attitude is awesome!

I try and do the same,I get my chores done and over with and make sure there is plenty of time for fun!Bill and I enjoy riding on his Harley,its our 650lb. tranquilizer!!

Have a great weekend everyone. :)


Hi jill

An online party sounds a great idea! :-)


Andy xx







Youre all an inspiration. Yes, I'm on my way to a Buddhist lecture and lunch with friends. I'll visit my son in law and tomorrow my helper comes to help me tidy up. She's in school so has a tight schedule. Sposed to be lovely weather tomorrow so I'll sufffer the humidity one more day. I'm planning to visit briefly a lady who was hit by a drunk driver . Hope to cheer her up. and I'm going to enjoy my favorite programs on TV. I won't let the pains be a pain :D


I am going to try and get in a few little walks, have diiner with some friends and watch a little golf and football. Have a great weekend everyone. Hugs :-)

Andy it sounds like you are going to have a great weekend. Good for you! :-) :-) :-) Hugs!


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

did somebody mention an online party?

Will there be Champagne out of a ladies shoe or my old wellies?


Whiskey in the wellies!!!







Hi Andy

glad you are still enjoying your life and by the sound of it love, we have had a very busy week had our PD trip to Pickering then caught steam train to Whitby then coach picked us up and took us to Ravenscar and we had afternoon tea at Raven Hall a most beautiful part of Yorkshire all members of pd york branch really enjoyed it we have so many now lovely friends through PD. Off to a wedding do tonight a coulpe who he has Pd and he and his lovely partner got married today. So alls very good with us thank God xx take care hear from you next week xx


hi andy

hi everyone

my addictive behaviour has taken on yet another craft, im going to try make candles ( the kit came yesterday). so now i knit i cross stich i make shamballa bracelets i am learnig kumihimo. what happened to the sex addiction. least i make money at the crafts lol

really pleased everyone seems to be doing great,

still got the chest infection but that dont stop me reaching for bottle of wine and knitting needles.

my sister is looking into jewellry making courses for me, but i usually just teach myself from books ect.

silver lining to every cloud, insomnia so i craft, sell the crafts, only prob is keeping eyes open at the day job,

take care xxxxx


Hi Andy.

Glad everything is going well for you. You deserve some luck.

Looks as though I will miss another party. We are going to Gran Canaria for a week's holiday and boy do I need a rest! Have been very busy with my grandchildren. The baby is coming on really well - smiling and making those cute baby noises and the two girls are something else. However, all this not sleeping is catching up with me, Funny, at the caravan, although I wake I manage to get back to sleep again.

Will be sorry to miss the party. Have a glass of champagne for me, or two!!

I have joined the PD Junction site. Think you would like it although I have not ventured into the chatroom yet.

Have a good party. Think of me in the sun - hopefully.




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