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Out for a walk

They say a good laugh is better than a dose o' salts.

I went out this afternoon for a short walk took my little MP3 player (I used to take a gramophone on a perambulator until I modernised)

I sat on a bench by the river. A song came on from a Busby Berkley musical

''I'm young and healthy' tra laa laalaa. I thought to myself I'm not young, neither am I healthy.

I could not help myself I started tittering, which turned into peals of laughter, then hysterics.

Such a little thing has brightened the day no end.

I'm sure I will sleep tonight.

Has anything brightened you day today?

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Your comment has brightened my day.


My new lady has brightened my day :-)

al sithee



Speaking of sleep... I awoke this AM to this dream with delight and laughter. Hope it doesn't offend for it is what I truly dreamt.

I was in a large group receiving an acupuncture treatment. The Doc asked me what I was complaining of the most. I said my right hand was weak and not working well. The nurse proceeded to take my hand and pleasure herself with vigor. The Doc then asked how I felt. I said my hand was remarkably better but I had other areas that could use the treatment more... the crowd laughed profusely.

So far I'm having a pretty good day.


Hi etterus

You are obviously not in the UK. Health and Safety laws require, before you start, both a Risk Assessment and a Method Statement. Both you and the nurse would also have to sterilise your hands with that evaporating gel, and wear latex gloves and a face mask.






Thank sBud,

Sure made me laugh,



I would like to have a nice dream, alls I have are nightmares.


Unfortunately we do get them perhaps it is the drugs

But I know how frightening and realistic they can be they can be.

However saying that they are just nightmares we know they are not true when we awaken, and if thought about seriously we can realise how very silly they are.

I have got to the point now where I often find waking up after one makes me think about it and how stupid and silly it all was just a nightmare!

tell it back to yourself in the morning and see how unreal it all is.

I often have to smile to think of some of the rediculous stuff I dream about.

Dont let nightmares rule your life!


i tend not to remember my dreams any more

lol JIll



Actually I often forget most myself, but some are so bad at times they can stick in your mind the next day. Whether one remembers correctly as it was dreamt I doubt that, but when you can remember, it makes you realise just how daft it all was.

Thats why we should not worry over nightmares.


I used to have nightmares about my late ex husband, but I realized he was just a male version of myself. Now he's not so scary in my dreams. Still weird but I'm in charge!


Two positive wires meeting and making the fuses blow, what?


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