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Play Up and Play the Game (Bully off)

A cracking game is in prospect, here at the PM Stadium.

The PWPs have a strong line up and are expected to put some pressure on the PDs.

The bookmakers however favour the PDs as they have never lost this fixture.

The PWPs take to the field led by their captain James Parkinson a long time favourite and two hundred years older than this reporter.

The starting line up looks to be: Parkinson J, Clay CM, McFly M, Scott M, Magoo, Thomas T, Udall M, Price V, D'Oliveira B, Gomes CA, Roach F, Dali S, Cook J, Trudeau PE, More K, Boyd WL. Powell E (blood replacement)

Parkinson is expected to play up front supported by Clay and McFly with Cook in right field, Trudeau in the left field and Udall holding centre ground. Magoo, Price and Thomas will run a screen. Dali will be given freedom to interpret the game in his on way. In defence will be the reliable duo of D'Oliveira and More. The engine room of Gomes, Boyd and Roach will be run by Scott.

The PDs take to the field led out by their captain Pride:

There starting line up is awesome:

Pride, Prejudice, Fall A, Fall B, Ignorance, Bliss, Indifference, Who-cares, Means-well, Hasn't-a-Clue, Brought-it-on-Yourself, Gods-will, Inebriated, Off-his head, Should-be-Put Away (blood replacement).

Pride is proffered up front ahead of Fall A who drops back into right field supported by his twin Fall B with Prejudice taking up position behind Pride in the left field, Hasn't-a-Clue will meander around the centre field. Ignorance, Bliss and Indifference will come up against a good trio in Magoo, Price and Thomas but I expect them be the better. Gods-will will march down the field as usual but the PWPs defence may cause a problem. Inebriated leads the boiler house crew of Off-his-Head, Who-Cares and Brought-it-on-Yourself against the very physical Scott machine.

Ten minutes to bully off and tension is rising.

15:30PDs Pride looks full of confidence facing Parkinson out in the centre, the on field official (known only as smswv) puts his whistle to his lips, checks with his fellow officials and the time keeper, blows one shrill blast on his whistle and by dropping the ball in the centre spot, starts the game of the century.

15:30After a brief scuffle Pride comes away with the ball before Fall A and tries to side foot it to Prejudice on the left, but an over enthusiastic Hasn't-a Clue thinks it's for him and in his hast over runs the ball and Trudeau, who is marking closely, comes away with the pill.

15:31Trudeau pushes the ball down the line to that greatest of players Clay, an outstretched leg from Gods-will fails to connect; Clay receives a clean ball and with a shuffle Clay and the PWP front row begin to move forward.

15:31Gods-will tries to make up for his mistake but only manages to clutter into the back of Clay, who gives Gods-will a look that gives this reporter goose bumps.

15:32SHORT CORNER. Gomes comes forward to take the shot with McFly receiving.

15:33Gomes slides the ball across from right field Clay holds and McFly hits a ripper but clips the top of the net, will he look back in the future and rue that miss?

15:34Pride takes the ball forward from the try line accompanied by Ignorance, Bliss and Indifference they are looking very determined. Pride prods the ball forward for Ignorance; sorry that’s not Ignorance its Bliss. 15:35Bliss in turn makes an indifferent pass to his captain Pride which goes off field and a well meaning approach comes to an end.

15:36Now the PWPs engine room are on the charge, determined to make an impact on the outcome of the game, this is no trial it’s for real. Gomes takes the ball to the left field and seeing the PDs boiler house crew out of position and out of touch, swings the ball across the goal.

15:37Calamity, Boyd and Roach both go for the glory and collide in the centre of the field. Scott picks up the ball makes a physically impossible swerve around the charging PD players and drops over the try line, first blood to the PWPs.

15:38Gomes makes the extra points.

15:39PDs receive the ball from the re-start but they are looking a bit shell-shocked.

15:40PDs are moving up the field on a broad front, the cost of loosing this test is too high. The ball is moving down the line in a series of short passes. They are beginning to look the part again.

15:41It is the PWPs who are out of position now, having tracked across field to defend they have left a gap down the centre.

15:42Here comes Gods-will, like a freight train straight down the middle, if the ball goes to hand there must be a score.

15:43PWPs have realised their mistake and are swarming across the field.

15:44Pride has the ball and in a training ground move just pops it up for Gods-will to take.

15:45Player and ball are bundled to the line by the PD’s raging boiler room, with equal determination PWs hit back.

15:46Is there a score? The field official is asking the video referee. No score, held up before the line.

15:47There goes the horn for the end of the first quarter and the PWPs had a close call.

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Very well done :)


What is the point? I get it's Pd and football reference. But, again, I ask, what is the point here? Not accusing, or being critical, just don't understand your point. I'm sorry if I am being ignorant here. But please could you or someone explain? Joke?




The point is there is no point, it is just a light hearted look at the battle we fight and believe me I have fought a battle this week just to keep sane. If it is not to your liking then thank you for stopping by and if I now get a ton of complaints I will cease the silly game. The whole thing is my Parkinson's life squeezed together plus names of the good and famous, some of which I have met, who have had PD.


It should perhaps been a follow on from Koko's blog about athletes.


The crowd go's WILD ! That was good ! More Please !!!


Well that's the first quarter over, now this reporter will hand over to you .................... change team members or even whole teams if you wish but it is set up as us represented by famous pwp's against them prejudice and other things we fit against every day. Dare you predict the finall score? Can you add your favoured sport?


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