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Parkinson's, Chapter One vs. 1 through 8

Parkinson's, Chapter One vs. 1 through 8

1.In the Beginning, Parkinsons created the tremor.

2.And the tremor was without form, and void. And darkness ruled upon the face of the diagnosis.

3.And Parkinsons said: "let there be pain, sickness, and confusion", and there was.

4.The afflicted suffered terribly, and there were many shattered dreams and lives.

5.And then Parkinson's said:"Let there be drugs and treatments, and let them cause even more suffering through crippling side effects". And there was.

6.And then God said: "Let there be light". And there was light, and it emanated from the afflicted and their caregivers joining together all over the world to help educate people about Parkinsons, and help to ease their suffering through much love.

7.And then one day, the people that had worked so hard to fight Parkinsons won the battle and cast the disease into the lake of fire, where it could never escape and come back.

8.And the new world was born with no parkinsons, and the sun began to shine brightly, and the birds began to sing their sweet melodies, and it was a glorious place to behold..........

The End of Parkinsons, King James Version. Spring, 2012.

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YES! You have left me speechless. (Or textless). SO beautiful.


1:1 - In the beginning where the words and the words where with JP and the words where

"An Essay on the Shaking Palsy".

1.2 - Charcot gave the words a name and the name was, Parkinson's.

1:3 - This Parkinson's was without prejudice and spread equally upon the face of the world

pain, sickness and confusion.

1.4 - And the afflicted suffered terribly, and there were many shattered dreams and lives.

1.5 - The Spirit of Mankind moved upon the face of the world and worked to form light, but

the darkness was full of mistakes and missed opportunity and the world still suffered.

1.6 - The Spirit of Mankind continued to move upon the face of the earth and one day there

was light and the light was good.

1.7 - And Spirit of Mankind saw the light and came into the light from the darkness.


Not as good as the master


I saw the humour in the lines

and not wishing to be a Jobs' comforter

I would think that by verse 8

where the birds are singing their sweet melodies we should also think. And they (The birds) ''shat'' upwards.




This is the third post today that has taken me down into depression by some! But the author of this post, I say thank you! God Bless You! Wonderful analogy!




A world without Parkinsons. Wouldn't that be wonderful? It/s going to happen some day.

I loved your analogy. Blessings.


Loved it!!!!!


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