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Hospital Meds Bag

Hospital Meds Bag

Hi All,

Following on from KOKO's post yesterday, in the Uk you can request a hospital bag from Parkinson's uk , i found this to be a graet help for myself last week when i was admotted to hospital not only did it bring attention to our plight in hospitals re : getting our meds on time, it also servrd as a great way of letting medical staff know that we have to have our meds on time all the time.

if i did not have my own meds and bag it would have been a difficult week for me , as the med round on the ward was at 10.30 am and my first med is at 7am, at one point a nurse wanted to take my meds off me , however i explaind t her that as i self medicate i would not allow her to take my bag,

we in the uk are fortunate to have Parkinson's uk support at the touch of a mouse , Parkinson's uk are fantastic with the support and information they supply to us via Web and hard copy.



Ps i will try to post a pic of the bag , you can request this and it is free from Parkinson's uk website

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Thanks for the information Al - I was not aware of this and i will send for one.

I'm lucky in that in the 9.5 years since I was diagnosed, I have never had to be admitted to hospital nor do i see my GP except for drug reviews but it's always best to be prepared

Take care



Can we order from the states?


Thank you for the information. Hope I can find one her in the states.

I was released from the hospital, August 24 and during the stay

the nurses demanded we turn over the parkinson's medication.

We refused.



Thanks for putting this on. My hubby is waiting to go into hospital and the neuro has said make sure they give you your tablet before you go down to theatre so this will help a lot. Will apply for one tonight. Thanks :)



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