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Yesterday & Tomorrow

Yesterday & Tomorrow

All fellow travelers on this boat called Parkinson's we have written in stone in our memory and soul a date: the day of diagnosis.

That day changed everything.

There is a before and after in our lives on that day.

The person who entered the office of the neurologist only looks like that one who went out the same door minutes later.

The day before we were worried about the grumpy boss at work, or longing for a Friday that seems it never arrives and so on.

The day before we knew very little of this disease, maybe we have eared about someone you know somebody who's suffering, Pope John Paul II, Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali and little more.

The day after the sky changed its color.

The day after we learned even the date of birth of Dr. James Parkinson, we learned about dopamine agonists and levodopa of course

According to statistics, every 9 minutes somebody in the world is diagnosed with Parkinson's.

At the end of today the word PARKINSON will change the life of 160 people forever.

Imagine that there are 160 people out there, unaware about what awaits them across the doorway of a medical office.

Good luck.

I wish we could be lucky.

We need to be very lucky, indeed.

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Great statement for a presentation on pd!



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