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Hi everyone :-)

Well its Friday, the weekend is upon us once more, I`m working today 3 til 10pm and doing a sleep in, I`m seeing my 3 kids tomorrow as usual, looking forward to that and I`m working on Sunday too 8pm til 10pm and again doing a sleep in. I`ll be seeing my girlfriend at some point this weekend, things are still going well on that front too, I feel lucky to have found her

Let me know what you are all doing this weekend

Take care


Andy :-)

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Hi Andy,

Glad to here your life is on the up,

I Joined a Gym this week , so i will be going there , AND the Pub, so have a great one mate



Hi Andy sounds like you have got it all together, enjoy your weekend and all those you love xx We had a smashing wedding in the family yesterday, my niece she got married in York then reception at Danby Castle on the moors it was wonderful. Unfortunately my cousins husband died recently and we are going to a memorial service on Monday near Peterborough, he had a green funeral. He had PD also lovely man was a teacher a real gent and could he play the piano (86yrs) hear from you next w\end xx


So glad that you were able to fit in your lady into your busy wknd activities---------so VERY happy for you. You do so much in this community to keep spirits up and deserve nothing but the best .....which you certainly seem to be enjoying. Your children, your new job and now someone to share your life with.........can;t get much better --unless they find a cure for PD.Not too much going on for me this weekend--errands, banking and shopping for a few things to finish the scrapbooks my granddchildren & I put together of our trip to ITALY to share when they return to school--for the wedding of my youngest daughter--absolutely a wonderful time with a stunning bride and I got a new 'son' out of it too!!!!! If I can figure out how to share photos on this site.....all posted on my facebook page. gail


hi andy

a saints match tonight - we won and the last fo the hoem games htis season

today a day of rest apar t form visitign 2 dear people wiht PD in hosspital after havinwg falllen and fractured limbs

sunday - another day on th kitchen a9will it ever end ?? we ar edown to the floor ing now so cannot be long off..............

and then i shall eb thinkgin fo our firs tbreak away for 12 jmonths ot ANGLESEY mdi september

the move will eb completed by then and everything is in place for the winter

lol jill:-)

so glad i tis going well withur girlfriend - hope she will eb ut partner soon


Hi Andy.

I am home this weekend and looking after the two younger grandchildren this morning. At the caravan next weekend and meeting two friends who used to live by us a long time ago before moving to Cardiff. We have not seem them for a long time so really looking forward to seeing them - only hope the weather is good. Hopefully, still no mice!!

Glad things are going so well for you. It just goes to show that things can do a complete turn around just when you think they never well. Would love to hear a little about the lady in your life and how things are generally. Maybe you could e-mail me sometime.




I am going to a lovely wedding today and really excited. There will people there I haven't seen for ages so they will see a different 'me' but am I bothered - hell no. I have a lovely new outfit and new heels (flats in the handbag) and I am going to have some fun lol. Tomorrow I am off again to the sunshine for two whole weeks!!!!!! I am feeling very positive at the moment and managing to reign in my aggression lol. Have fun everyone xxxx


Always glad to hear about your weekend. I'm out of the city hoorah in the Hamptons with son and daughter. Got to swim and do some weeding. Lots of sun so not glued to TV. My daughter's doing a benefit this afternoon. Don't think I'll make it thx to PAIN but you never know! Have fun all I know I will ;D


Hope you enjoy your time in the Hamptons. My brother in law has a house there and we have visited a few times. Many happy memories of our time there. Unfortunately, probably could not manage the long flight now, but am lucky to have been. Makes me realise that you should never take things for granted and always follow your dreams while you can.


Yes I could've gone to a real Hamptons party with my daughter, but too much pain. I was just happy to be there. Got to sit by the bay, wade with the fishies, swim in the pool, and eat my son's fresh grown tomatos. Heavenly. Unfortunately, the pain was so bad my son and daughter were worried about me, but I feel I'm on the right path. Yes, enjoy every moment!


Happy to know things are going so well for you, Andy! Everyone have a nice weekend.


Have a great weekend everyone. I'm going to run a few errands and watch a little golf on TV. Too hot to do anything outside.


Hi Andy,

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm busy this weekend shopping and getting ready to go back to work. I start on Sept. 3rd and the kiddies come on Sept. 4th.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, Lilli


Hi everyone! We are RVing with a group of other RVers. We have a group of 5 sites. Going to a local beer company for beer tasting and a tour of their facility. Then it's back to the campground for dinner made over the fire.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Hi andy. Quiet weekend for me. Making more shimbala styled bracelts due to insomnia. Really pleased you are loved up. X


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