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hello all - i am going to be going into hosp here in france for a drug holiday as none of the many different ones i have tried in the 2 and a half years have worked - so i may be find out that i dont have PD at all but PSP Or MSA - so i am hoping it is PD as it is treatable but the otheres are not - obviously will let you all know - # love to all

shasha xxxx

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hi sha

hope you ge ta diagnosis

lol Jill


thanks jill and i hope its not psp ....


Three years ago I went off all medications, it was not easy! About 6 weeks later we "restarted" meds. That was the best thing that happened to me! I have PD but didn't have the correct meds, for me. Praying all goes well for you! :)


hell di - i know about what happend to you and i hope it will be the same for me



Hi Shasha,

Have a

happy holiday , and enjoy beeing med free at least foe a short time

Love as always




thanks al - i hope t wont be too traumatic - they are going to send me to the physio ward after thay have sorted out the meds - i hope they find out it us PD and that i am just nt sensitve enoough to levadopa - he may try the new system which is delivered via a needle in the skin - i expect you have read about it ?

anyway i am not going in yet as fred has to get his new knee srted - in france it is just so great - you see a specialist and they tell you when they can do the op usually within amonth !!!

i think you mya benft frpm the sub cutainious version too ... love fro sha xxxx


Hi Sha

I hope all goes well for you. I will be thinkin about you and my thoughts and prayers I send your way.

Take care hun :-)

Andy xx


thanks andy - will let you know when i go in

love sha xxx


Best of luck to you Shasha.

I hope the results allow for a specific Dx and better management of your symptoms.

All of the members of PM support you and hope for the best possible outcome for you.

Be well. Please take care. Carry on strong.


thank you - i do too x


God bless..hope they find an answer.


thank you so much


You know I'll be praying for the best possible outcome for you. :-) :-)


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