Bath Bench

I am sure most of us have trouble getting in and out of the bathtub so it is much easier to take a shower. I decided to try a bath bench which allows you to sit down while taking a shower, It has been wonderful. If you are having an off time it really helps to go sit on your bench and let the hot water run over you for some reason especially on your head. I usuallly come out feeling a lot better.Hope this will help some of you,Blessings.

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  • I have a bath chair for the shower, it has a back on it and I feel stable in it.

  • A bath chair with a back is the best choice. Hubby cannot tolerate hot water though and he usually makes his shower on the cool side.

  • Has anyone tried the Kohler Deluxe?? It has a coffee cup holder, a waterproof snack drawer and a rack for your magazines..

    SSorrrreey!! (couldn't resist).

  • I SO enjoyed your humor this morning! It made me laugh out loud. :)

    Thank you.

  • I'd soon be making papier mache.

  • Im trying a cold shower once a makes me feel much better as it stimulyates digestion and gets circulation going. See gudrun bonners book gut reaction. Cold up to your knees is good see kneipen.

  • When we remodeled our bathroom, we installed a shower with a built in seat at the back and rails on the side - no rub. Best thing we did!

  • I would keep the rub Janette, and just loose the tub !

  • Jenette, we took a room, gutted it, and put in a down drain in the floor. The whole room is tile, it has a 19 inch toilet, wheelchair accessible sink and the shower comes from the ceiling with a 60 in round shower curtain around it. If we have "Issues" I can walk entirely around him seated on the bench and just spray him down. Planning for the next ten years. Someday we may add the soak tub you can walk into and shut door. Right now we like the space. Even me, feels like I am showering in the great outdoors.

  • No need to take cold showers anymore for me all that is in the mind (and not much of it.)

    I want a proper bath to sit in, with muscle soak crystals and lots of salt, or epsom salts.

    I think the bath seats mean you cant be immersed.

    Luckily, I have my partner who can chuck me in and drag me out

    as long as he can do that I will bathe.

  • Thank goodness you have someone to help you in and out of the tub.My husband would help me also.We live in Florida and I have always taken showers.Sometimes a few in a day because it is so hot when you go out.

  • They make something called a bath lift. You sit on it and push a button to be lowered into the tub. Then you push the button and it raises you up to a sitting position. If you google it, you'll find a lot of different models. I like taking showers and so I don't use one, but it may be something for you. Blessings

  • The one good thing about bathing is not the cleanliness part, but the fact of sitting in a bath of warm water does seem to do the muscles good.

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