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Hi all

Hope everyone is having a good Monday its a holiday day here in the UK and I`m not working today or tomorrow ( I know....makes a change lol ) Job still going really well

I spent the day with my kids on Saturday, had a lovely day, took them to the museum on the bus which they really enjoyed.

So whats everyone up to today?, let me know. I`m spending a couple of days with my new lady, all is going well on that front and we are both very happy. She has totally accepted me having PD and it does not bother in the slightest....she even laughs at my "Parkie" jokes lol :-)Its her birthday on 4th Sept so I`m gonna take her out for a nice romantic meal :-) Looking forward to that.

Take care, love and hugs :-)

Andy xx

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H I Andy

Good news re your new lady

Hope unhave a good couple of days rest

Lol Jill



Thanks Jill :-) Hope you are ok xxx


Thanks for sharing. Am very happy for you that all is well.


Thats great! Have a great day :)


Hi Andy glad you are enjoying sometime off and that your new love going well. Enjoy your romantic meal on 4th. We are not doing much over w/end getting ready for my nieces wedding on Thursday, getting married in church (york) then off to Danby Castle nr Whitby for reception by coach. I am so relaxed now I am am retired and enjoying being at home with hubby xxx take care and enjoy your life x


Hi andy . So chuffed for you . Its great to think your really happy

I went to portugal this weekend paid by my work.28 of us went it was wild. The youngest was 19 right up to 56. Think we are now banned from hotel. Even the ceo was up singing even if he cant remember. Let everyone know how the 4th goes


good news all round then andy - great and so happy for you all xx


Glad you had a nice weekend

I have spent it fitting out the inside of a cabinet that I made earlier in the year, still lots to do before finally finishing it, but it gives me encouragement to keep going on.

we all need an interest in life.


haave a good time andy glad your doing well


Glad things are going well for you, Andy. You deserve all things good!


Glad things are going so well. :-)


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