PD has the audacity to rob us of body mind and soul

now the disease wants my vision too... My favourite activity (besides spending time with my grandchildren) is reading .. anything from labels on cans to novels..lol i just love to read but lately Ive noticed... double vision... blurry eyes and sensitivity to sunlight all due to Parkinsons disease..I've tried raising the type size on my e reader and that helps some but I guess my next move will be audio books.. I wont let this disease ravage my life too, Ill hang on no matter how bumpy the ride..just give me my books..

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  • My husband is waiting to go in for his second cataract removed in the last 4 years.We only found out he had one when we went to the opticians,he just thought his vision was getting worse.

    Have you been to see an optician? it might not be as bad as you think,they may have something they can do or recommend for you.

    The relief he says he felt when they said they could help him was fantastic.

    It seems it can be part of PD .The audio books are great, you can do other things whilst listening to them.

  • Embrace Audio Books - they are fantastic. I started with them after my second cataract operation - my distance sight is great but i now have to have to wear glasses for reading. THe thing is, I love to read in bed but it's not so comfortable with glasses - so enter MP3 and Kindle.

    The only downside is I fall asleep with the MP3 still playing and I have to refind my spot in the book LOL!!

  • Lysine is good for eyes. Try a carrot a day for vit a...supposed to keep cancer away, go natural where possible...see a naturpath or homeopath.

  • Thank you, I love your comments.. i do have a kindle but havent used the audio yet.. Also I do need to have my glasses checked but was nervous with the double vision.. it occurs about 50% of the time...Because i also have dystonia of the eyelids, I get botox shots every three months.. botox is a miracle drug. I thought that was causing my vision problems but my Neuro said the PD was the culptit

  • We just have to keep plugging along, not much else we can do is there? I love to read to, expecially in the winter. Good luck and take care.

  • THat's IT ! I"m calling optician today. <3

  • <3 = a heart :0

  • that is :)

  • As Debbie saidlook for cataracts first. I had my left one done 1 year ago last week, and the right one followed last November.

    Your symptoms sound to be exactly the same as I had.

    Good luck, and don't look down, look out at the world and all it's beauty.


  • Thank you, I will make an appointment to check for cataracts..i guess I never thought of that...I think its time to count my blessings too instead of being a martyr... and taking this crazy disease one day at a time

  • had cataracts removed 4yrs ago diagnosed with parkinsons 2 yrs ago didnt think they were related

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