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Northern Vermont?

Anybody live in Burlington or Montpelier, Vermont? I was just in northern Vermont, have been there before, and always find it to be one of the most scenic and soothing places in the country.

I now live in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It's great in many ways but other than the architecture, it ain't scenic! And I'm not planning on staying here after my younger son graduates high school (2015). I'm from New Jersey and grew up near the ocean where it is more scenic, but even that is getting quite congested and expensive. But Vermont! So much beauty, so much of it still untouched by development. It is my new fanasy. As a PD person, I know bettter than to fix my sites anywhere but the cities (as they call their larger hamlets there). Otherwise, I'll be found thawing out in the early spring in a melting snowbank somewhere clutching an empty presription bottle.

As to my question. Anybody out there with PD living in Burlington or Montpelier? What's it like for a PD person living alone re medical care, cost of living, making friends, getting around, etc. Would love to hear your perspective.

Thank you.

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Hi Michael

According to Google, Burlington has 8863 people living there, and Montpelier has just over 8000. The latter also has the honour of being the smallest State Capital in the USA, so I would think that, as Capital City, Montpelier would have all the resources needed for your PD.



Hello, welcome to Vermont. Montpelier right through to Burlington is wonderful (as is the rest of the state). The main medical center is Fletcher Allen Healthcare which is a teaching hosptial along side the University of Vermont. At FAHC is an excellent excellent progressive Neuro Movement team. The Central Vermont Medical Center located in Montpelier is also an excellent facility and associated with FAHC. Although a rural state, public transportation over the past few years is growing and excellent. The cost of living is higher for retirees, but the tradeoff is beauty, peaceful, progressive politics and Vermonter's are great and welcoming.


Thank you both. Very helpful.


You are so right about Vermont. I live in Portland, Maine, but I think Vermont is the greatest. I've always said I would live in Vermont if it had the ocean, Vermont on the ocean would be paradise.


That's funny you asked that question as my wife and I are going on an exploratory visit to Vermont next week! This info will help. Our original thought was to retire there with 50-100 acres in solitude but since I've gotten PD we are now looking to be on a town hopefully in a walkable town and go to just 1 car. If anyone has any info about PD and the town of Poultney please feel free to email me at and give me some insight! Thanks.


I share your fantasy of looking out the window at trees and rolling hills (instead of bricks and fire escapes here in my urban village of Upper West Side, NYC). Living alone with PD anywhere requires life sklls and planning. Hope you let us know how it works out!


Hi Patrick:

I now live about 50 miles north of Poultney, which is on the New York State Border. I grew

up in Fair Haven about 5 miles from Poultney. Rutland and Rutland Hospital etc are about 30 minutes from Poultney. Dartmouth, which is a terrific medical community is about 2 hours, as is Burlington. burlington by the way is a city of about 40,000, not 8,000 and it swells to about 55,000 during the college season. You are also in the home of Green Mountain college, and about 10 miles from Castleton State college. Poultney is a peaceful community, quiet, not much going on. Saratoga NY, is about 1.5 hours, albany 2 and NYC about 3.5 to 4. I'd highly recommend it.



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