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The first smile

Just wanted to share something wonderful with you. Well, it was wonderful to me. My new grandson, who is now 6 weeks old - although born 3 weeks early - smiled at me yesterday. Yes, it definitely was a smile and not wind!! I was minding him and his sister and, for once, he was awake. Usually asleep when I see him, typical man. This moment put all my problems into perspective and I was me again. A nanna and not someone with Parkinsons. It made me realise what life is all about. Can't wait for the next smile. My grandchildren, bless them, never seem to see my Parkinsons and just accept me as nanna. Wish everyone did the same.

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I'm with you on being a grandma. Nothing like it. They make me forget, if only for a while, my problems. I have 8 grandbabies with another one due in January! :)


hi sue and di

i cannot eve rbe a grandma a si have nto had children but at leas ti cna attempt ot be one to myi partners. 7 grandchildren

if he will le tme with the PSP




Yes it must be wonderful, not got any yet but hoping, plenty of grand nieces and nephews and aren't they a joyx enjoy and thankyou for sharing xx


We are expecting our tenth grandchild in July. We are expecting a boy which makes 8 boys & 2 girls. The oldest is 18, youngest still in the oven. We have 5 kids, 4 girls & 1 boy, each one has 2 kids & a spouse. We are very lucky to have such wonderful kids & grandkids and, We are really lucky to have them all live close by. I'm not bragging or anything, but I am a proud Grandma.


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