Anxiety!!! What an Evil thing!

Is anyone else experiencing anxiety issues to the point of being hospitalized, thinking you are having a stoke or heart attack? Only to be released after having every test in the books and being released with, go see your Primary Next week? And you go home thinking they think I'm nuts and you're made to feel like you are? I have had PD since 2006! Told that maybe the chest pain is from Acid Reflex or soothing else? I'm so done with Doctor"s!! They are trained and have experience, but they still only know what tests tell them and if that doesn't work they send you to another doctor! I'm so sick and tired of this! Thank you for listening to my rant! Sorry! Just wondering if anyone else feels this way? Thank you and I hope you have a great day!

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  • I have had anxiety issues with depression for almost a year. It is worse when wearing off c-l dopa. I tack .5 lorazapam 2x daily... helps.

    It is definitely dopamine related. It is a dysfunctional autonomic sympathetic arousal state. Fight, flight, fright... disabling for sure!

  • It can be one of the invisible but life-changing Parkinson's non motor symptoms and may fluctuate with the levels of L Dopa in the blood as you come up to the next dose time. Have a look at this publication with Parkinson's UK. Do your other Parkinson's symptoms fluctuate and does the next dose help at all?

    You are not going loopy, it's probably due to the changing brain chemistry in Parkinson's and there are treatments. Take the information to your family doctor if you think they are not listening to you. Have you done a symptoms diary? That always provides good evidence for health conversations.

    The Parkinson's UK website in a mine of information about these non motor symptoms and is worth searching.

    Good luck,


  • Your link is very helpful and thank you for sharing this! I printed the information for my husband to read too!

    Bless You!

  • thanks, sue , I printed it too

  • Thank you Sue, for all your information! It certainly does help!

  • Hi Racing Chaplain,

    I can relate to your heart scare. I had similar experiences over a period of about 18 months, also inexplicable, but very real. I also came out feeling very foolish.

    It is the causes that are evil rather than the anxiety itself. The anxiety itself is the consequence, not that that makes things any better. My anxiety at the moment is that I may have to go into hospital for treatment for nerve compression in my spine and, if I do, how do I make sure I get my meds on time. It's OK when I'm with it, but what if I'm sedated?

  • Get the hospital kit from the Parkinsoons Disease Foundation. It's free and it works! I had overnight stay 3 wks ago for thyroid surgery and used it. I was so stressed about what would happen, but it was fine. In fact, it worked too well! I asked for my Sinemet an hour early, and the nurse said "I have strict orders that you get it at 7:30. I told her those were my orders lol. Good luck

  • Thank you! I will!

  • Any possibility that a friend or relative can stay with you when you are sedated right after surgery to check the meds before you receive them and make sure they are on time? I was right there with my spouse after spine surgery and they forgot the morphine- I did not know they were supposed to give it. Someone has to watch the pain meds as well for you.

  • Are you describing something like Panic attacks which I suspect you may be having. They can make you believe you are having a stroke or myocardial infarction or even you are going to die. If so, I can tell you these panic attacks will stop. You need to recognise them yourself for what they are. That is the first hurdle to overcome. You could get a referral to a psychologist for a few consultations to try to sort out your problems which are causing this.

    About 20 years ago I had these attacks often in the night. my GP at the time explained they were panic attacks. Once you realise in your own mind they are, you are not going to die, they will decrease in number. but get some help if you can.

    I realise often depression comes with PD but personally I am not a believer in anti depressants as they can make the situation worse long term I think.

    Obviously I dont know you or your condition, so I am only generalising, but please do not think you are nuts or you will eventually lean to the possibility yourself.

    Panic attacks take so much enjoyment out of your life, cause awful depression.

    We all cope in different ways but when I got them even after I knew what they were,

    I used to get up and go do something, anything to take your mind off it if possible.

    expressing yourself in art is very therapeutic.

    Please dont despair.

    I wish you all the best.

  • Etterus; Thank you! Your comment Fight, flight, fright: describes these events exactly! That's how I feel when it is happening and it is disabling! My poor husband tries to help me, but sometimes and after a certain point, no one can do anything! When it happened this last time was right before taking my 1:00 p.m. dose of Stalevo! I took it and two xanax and by that time it was too late! You're right about it happening during wearing off periods! Hadn't noticed this fact! What do you do at the point where you beginning to feel the anxiety and it's not time yet? I feel once it begins and I take the Stalevo, it's already too late! I will discuss this with my Neurologist at my next visit! Thank you for your comments!

  • Have a talk with your parkinson's health specialist because they may be able to help you adjust the doses of your PD meds so that you take smaller doses more frequently. Slow release formulations might help too. However, recognising that they are a PD symptom could help you to pause and wait for the meds to kick in.

    As for anti depressants, all I can say is they saved my husband's sanity and he is now off them. He really just needed to feel what 'normal' was for a while and now he can recognise when he is feeling low and stop blaming himself.


  • I just tried the new Neupro Patch the day before this happened! Coincidence? I don't know! But I did have a reaction to the very first 24 hr.(1mg) patch! Almost immediately it began with itching, then when I took it off 24 hrs. later, it was a raised red rash, hot to the touch, and is still itching! It's been off 3 1/2 days and it is still the same! My Neuro says it has to be the adhesive that I'm allergic to, because once the patch is off the medication is gone and out of your system! I'm wondering if it could be an interaction with another drug! Has any one else experienced this new patch yet? I have had other panic attacks, but not like this one and I am wondering if the patch and this reaction were related in any way? Hmmmm????

  • I agree with your doctor. I know several people who have reacted to patches despite having taken the same medication previously by another route. Some of them say they had better control of symptoms on the patch but couldn't stand the itch. Such a localised reaction sounds like a contact irritation to me...

    Is there a slow release oral fomulation of your current medication or will your neuro help to change the dose frequency without increasing overall doses?

    It is possible that the contact inflamation/irritation caused additional stress and exacerbated your anxiety levels. Don't give up, you'll find a way through this.

  • Thank you! I know with my Neuro's help we will work through all this! I have much trust in him. I do believe it is a reaction to the adhesive and not the drug! We will figure it out!



  • iam using neupro patches 2x6 mg a day and i dont have any problem.only the skin turns red a little but changing the place every 24 hours it disappears after 1 or 2 days. i am very happy with neupro patches i use themnow for 3 and a half years!!!

  • I'm sure that it will be different for everyone! I thank you though for sharing that with me! I know that it's me! Mine was removed last Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. and it is now Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and the red patch is still there and it's hot to the touch, and it itches a lot! They did not have me try another one! I am very sensitive to many medications. And they think it could be the adhesive and not the drug! I took pictures of the rash today! I'm happy that it works well for you!



  • I tried the patch last week and thought my heart would jump out of my chest. Took the patch off and it went back to ;it's normal speed.

  • I guess that's why there are so many different drugs! Works for some and not for others! Thanks for sharing! Maybe that had something to do with my Panic attack that took me to the hospital! And left me feeling like a fool! They all looked at me like I was crazy!

  • Fight flight fright are traditional descriptors of sympathetic arousal. The autonomic nervous system has 2 functional divisions. Sympathetic and parasympathetic. Sympathetic is a response to threatening situations and is driven by adrenaline. It is exhausting. Parasympathetic is body repair and restoration and is necessary for sleep, digestion and general well being.

    I have shortened my dosing to every 3 hours. Sometimes I take a 1/2 an hour early. Knowing what it is.... dopamine again!, helps. So does meditation exercise and psychotherapy.

  • Thank you for this explanation! I did not know this and is quite helpful to me and hopefully to there also! You people know a lot more about this disease than I do! And I was diagnosed in 2005! Thank you again!



  • Esrob, Yes, I left the hospital feeling very foolish, for sure! And thank you for describing to me that it is the cause that is evil not the anxiety!

  • Oldtyke, Yes, I am describing Panic Attacks! And your advice is also very helpful! When they begin, to just realize it is a panic attack and I am not going to die from it, does make sense that this thinking itself is going to calm me! Thank you!

  • I have had pd...for 8 I nave had aniexty attacks for 45 yrs...atttivan..or I tack .5 lorazapam 2x daily...does it 4 me

    keep sayin to yourself it has been will go away

  • Thank you for sharing your experience BillyRay! And your advice will be taken to heart also!



  • Yes! I was hospitalized for a week in December. My family doctor recognized it for what it was - anxiety assocoated withh PD and had a psychiatrist see me while I was there. Was told I do not have hdepression, but may benefit from Klonipin daily. I worked in a very stressful executive position. My doc kept me in for a week to get some needed R and R. It was a wake up call for me. I'm now on total disability - my employer had a wonderful LTD policy which I took full advantage of. I dont know how i worked as long as i did and am much better knowiing when im having a bad day with PD my only job is to take care of mysellf. The anxiety is real and the right doctors can help you. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

  • Thank you Jenette! Thank you for sharing! I take Klonopin too and I do see a Phsychiatrist and a Counselor! I'm sure they will get me on what I need our counsel me on how to manage this!



  • I too am prone to panic attacks. I did not know that they were related to pd. I see a counselor and a psychiatrist for meds. I take xanax and have recently started on prozac. We increased my dosage this week. Thank you for sharing, as I now see that I am not alone.

  • I'm not sure everyone with PD has this issue, but it seems to be quite a lot do! We are discussing the use of Lexapro or Prozac. Thank you!

  • Be very careful with the xanax highly addictive. I was given it after a rape because of panic attachs and had to go through a with drawl program. It was not fun at all. Just thought I should share that with you.

    Good luck

    Hugs, Hugs, Hugs


  • Hi Precious, what was your dosage? What are withdrawal symptoms and how long did it take? If you want to respond privately, I will provide my email address. Thanks!

  • Hello

    My partner has always suffered from anxiety but it got much much worse when he became ill. He has used homeopathic remedies and the anxiety is now nearly a thing of the past, and when it does happen it can be ameliorated.

    You can buy a combination of anti-anxiety remedies known as AAA, or (probably better) consult a homeopath to find the remedy that best works for you.

    Good luck!


  • Thank you!

  • I suffered from anxiety all my life and depression and did not know it!. I thought it was a normal reaction to life with an abusive husband. Now I'm single and dx with PD for 7 years and while not happy with my progression, i am content and happy to be struggling through each day. I take xanax for IBS and clonopin before bed and am sleeping better. Good luck and thanks for posting. I'm doing another log before seeing a new GI doctor. Wis me luck. :)

  • PatV, Thank you for sharing! I was just t old by my Pharmacist that xanax and klonopin can interfere with our PD meds! I take both of them also! (The effectiveness of the meds!) So I will be speaking to my Neuro about all of this next week! Thank you and I will let you all know what he says.



  • As I just told RacingChaplin, xanax is hightly addictive, I was put on after I was raped and to get off it had to go through a withdrawl program. I was given and taking just what the doctor had precribed. The with drawl from xanax was not fun, so please be aware of this. Just sharing my experence with xanax with you. Good luck.

    Hugs, Hugs, Hugs,


  • I never knew that so many would reply to my issue of anxiety and PD! But I see that it affects a lot of you also! I'm so glad now that I brought this up! And I hope that the responses will help someone else too! Thank you all, again.



  • Thanks Carol

  • Hope this is not merely duplication of what the 32 ! others answered your question, anyway ...

    if I had read them all my anxiety would have increased and my response would have fled so...

    Dxed about the same time as you and developed anxiety 'bout the same time. My neurologist said that PD can actually create the sensation of anxiety. My task it seems is to be to determine whether there is something to worry about or find ways to ignore, deflate, discredit or whatever it takes to lessen the experience!! As with many of the G D PD symptoms, almost any PD symptom can be experienced differently in each person ...and without the face to face contact this might be read as flippant or even grumpy. I am not. Rather my sense of humor takes over and attempts to lighten things up. but the essence is accurate, often I cannot find another person with matching complaints but airing hem with another PPD helps. I'll stop now I can really get rolling:0

  • Thank you for sharing!



  • Anxiety is a serious issue.Unless you have experienced it first hand,people just do not understand.Everyone deals with it in different ways.Whatever works for you,meds,therapy or ?? As long as you find something that works for you,no need to suffer.

  • Hi

    I am going to participate in research on Sept.7th, to assess Anxiety in PD, I will keep posted.

  • Where? In the USA?

    Thank you,


  • If you're asking about the anxiety research,its at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia

  • Great! I can't wait to see what information you get from this!

    Thank you for sharing!



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