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Fire in the sky

As my 'insomnic' night turns to a new week, Monday here in the Scottish Borders is heralded by a sky that burns orange, red, purple, yellow as the flames of the rising sun reach up. With that I am going to charge into this week, I am determined. Last week was tougher than usual following a bad fall and a virus. I was borderline glum. This week, forget that I have catching up to do, big time. So if you have been feeling yuk, don't know how to start, at a loss..... try and find some fire in the sky.... :-)

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a grea tway to loook atthe world

i admire you and love yoru blogs

take care

lol Jill



Thanks Jill, I tried to reply via the 'reply to this' but its not working. I do my best and am not everyones cup of tea. I feel it important however, especially to the newly diagnosed to show that for some illness can result in opportunity and strangely is not all bad. I appreciate you can ask me again in 10 years! however I am 10 years in now and hell not giving up a day of my future, not one. You take care too x


I, for one, always enjoy your posts. We missed out on the good weather here and got the rain so did not have much to see in the way of beautiful skies. But hey the birds, who have been silent for a while, started singing today. This always lifts my spirits. We have a resident blackbird who sings his little heart out. He does start rather early, but as I don't sleep very much this does not bother me. Quite the opposite, in fact.


Nature can bring restful episodes in our lives. You just have to accept what ever pleasures come along, be it wonderful skies or pouring rain, a resident blackbird, or in my case a bat invasion in the house, even having a fall can make you get back up and be more determined.

That fire may seem like it is going out at times, but throw some more enthusiasm on it to rekindle the flames. It really is the only way.


I made it to the park yesterday and did catch a glimpse of the sky and even the sun! Worth the pain.


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