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I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this problem. No matter what time I go to bed I always wake up at 1.30 am. When I wake I am always sure it is morning. I then have to get up as my tremor is so annoying. Have tried taking Stalevo and Requip at different times, but nothing works. I then knit or read for, say a couple of hours, before returning to bed and hopefully getting a further couple of hours sleep. Unfortunately, I have never been able to sleep during the day so am feeling exhausted. I used to take a Stalevo on waking, but my Consultant has told me to discontinue this and increased my dosage of Requip XL, which seems to have made things worse. Knitting seems to stop my tremor, but does not help me to sleep.

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  • I, also wake up after about the 1st hour of sleep thinking I've slept all night.

    Haven't found a cure. :(

  • Hi

    I have been getting the same problem for about a year. I have found that, if I don't go to bed until I am literally falling off the chair, I sleep through until just before the alarm goes at 6. At least, almost always. Very occasionally I roll off the side of the bed and land on the dog's bed, and that usually wakes me.

    Always a downside, though. It sometimes takes till after 2 am before I am tired enough to go to bed.

    Good luck


  • My husband has suffered like this on and off for a long time.He used to take Amatryptaline(not sure if I spelt it right),this helped him sleep but after a couple of years he became so used to them, that they stopped working.

    I have found that if i rub his head ,it helps him get off to sleep and he usually manages a good couple of hours.

    He is lucky because he can manage to get a nap in the afternoon,if he doesn't he struggles more at night to sleep.

  • Here I am again. Woke at 1.35 am. This is just not funny. What is the answer? There must be an answer. Had a busy day yesterday and even managed to do some gardening. Wish I could figure out why I wake at almost the same time every night. I need more sleep. Used to sleep at least 8 hours a night. This is just a viscious circle, with me in the middle getting more tired and frustrated. Sorry to moan. I know I am not the only person with a sleep problem.

  • Sue, I have no idea if any of this is valid for you, but I have created a "sleep chamber' which works well for me. I started using it years ago while working at a stressful job which sometimes caused anxiety to the point of losing sleep. Now sleeping problems are about the only PD symptom I don't have.

    I set up a recliner/rocker,with manual control, in my library. (I also tried the co-ed double model and the electric control, but don't recommend them). Placed a nightstand with a lighted clock at bedside. Aimed the chair at a TV with provision for playing movies. (I prefer using an old fashined VCR since they rewind and play repeatedly). Select a movie with a minimum of violence, without a villian. I'll admit preferring "chick-flix like something by Jane Austin. I've currently been playing a tape from Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Avonlee series for the past six months or so. The trick is to get so acclamated to the movie that you no longer think about it but your brain follows the story and lets you fall quickly asleep. (at least it does for me) I have a little dog who needs to go outside sometimes during the night but it causes no problem because I know it will only take a moment, and sleep is easy to find.

    It has to be upsetting to wake up in the middle of sleep and have tremors. Do you sometimes feel that you could control your dosage better than XL does?

    Take care,

  • Hi

    Thanks for this. It is certainly something I will look into. Only one problem I can foresee is that I never seem to fall asleep while watching TV!!! Last night was awake for longer than usual, without my tremor.

    Not too sure about whether Requip XL is beneficial or not. Consultant upped my dosage a bit and set me different times for taking meds. The last Stalevo should be at 7.30pm and the next at 7.00am. Probably ok if I slept but torture when awake. Have to phone Nurse with an update today, so will see what she says. Feel I should be doing night feeds for my baby grandson as I am awake anyway!!

  • I don't understand your dosage personally. Everyone's different. I got no sleep on Requip. Compulsive behaviors added to my wakefulness. My neuro suggested I take a sinemet (like stalevo) time release at bed time because I have visceral off. I now take sinemet 5 times a day instead of 4. I also take a clonapin plus melatonin and valerian. My neuro says sleep is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for pwp's. Good luck, Court.

  • Even I don't understand my own dosage!! Will ask my Nurse for some clarification tomorrow.

  • I had the same problem till I was given Seraquel as a sleep aid. Honey, you won't wake up at 1:30 anymore I will promise you that. It is not given as a sleep aid, I was having hallucinations at night seeing animals running around but sleep aid is one of the effects and my doctor gives it for that reason without hallucinations to help with sleep for it is not addicting as other pills are.

    I am on 50mg. at bedtime. Low dose and it works for me. Might ask you doctor.

  • I am seeing my GP tomorrow, so will mention Seraquel to her. Chances are she won't be able to prescribe it, so will ask my Parkinsons Nurse, who is a gem. Oh for a night's sleep.

  • After terrible insomnia and lots of different doctors, my current sleep routine is 1 Tylenol PM,1 melatonin, Klonopin (.5 for restless legs) Cataplex G )a B combination given to me by an accupuncturist). I sleep all night and 1-2 hours afternoon nap.

  • i am having problems i go to bed normally about 11pm sleep approx 5hrs thats it got to get up really tired in the evenings, tried taking drugs different times no better!

  • I usually only sleep for 2 hrs max and then am up for hours. My GP has suggested I vary the time I go to bed to see if this helps. I usually go about 10pm. Now trying going at 8pm, and then getting up for a while before going back. Will vary this timing. It must be worth a try. Varying timing of meds did not help.

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