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Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. I took my kids swimming this morning and we all had a lot of fun! Sat out in the wam sunshine now and playing in the garden. What is everyone up to on this lovely sunny day? I'm working tomorrow afternoon 3 til 10pm and doing a sleep in til Monday. Job going well still. Oh and my new relationship is going really well too

Take care :-)

Andy xx

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Always glad to here you are doing well. Enjoy those kids...they grow up way to fast! :)



glad to hear you ar e enjoying your children your job and your jnew relatioship

you dererve it

lol Jill

ps wen tto saints match las tngiht which we won agains t the TIGERS(CASS)

and done not a lot today

i am going to visit two odl ladie sin hospital tomorrwo (both who hav ePARKINSONS) and my partner is going ot hsi 1s tfooty matahc of he season (WIGAN v CHELSEA!)



welll done the saints !!


hi andy,

glad all is well, today i went with friends to a duck race (which was cancelled as river was too high ) so we had coffee cakes and sat in the sun gossiping for few hours,not been as lucky as you on POF was messaging chap major numan fan like me, said he thought we should meet, told him about pd , he has headed for hills, his loss me thinks..... few others have said it makes no difference.

never mind off to portugal next weekend,, but i will check for your blog,


Why is my blog showing minus 11 comments. Come on Health Unlocked what's going on??


Hi Andy

All the blogs and questions on the site and the pain site are the same. At least I can seen your replies, no such luck on the pain unlocked question which is showing -19 replies.

Glad all is going so well for you. You hit bottom and bounced back. Enjoy and keep in touch please.



Not too sure why it says it or what it means - 11comments .

A bit humid this weekend, been outside making a CD case so I can get my Cd's organised in a non chaotic fashion.

Dracula and Co. are visiting this weekend, the house seems full of bats.


Glad you are enjoying the sun and children. Here in paris it was 40 degrees at 5. 39 at 7 oclock. We have no air con so dash out to shops early, keep in the dark with shottrs closed all day and emerge in the evening...very hard yo sleep..its called the canicule and lasts for several days!

One cherry. Was my son phoned me on facetime from mongolia hes on the trans siberian express to Bejing from st petersbourg, hes off for a year travelling... Keep having fun!


Hi Andy

so pleased the job, relationships with family and others going so well, you are always so positive and jolly no matter what, a real tonic to us all. I am enjoying my retirement not having to think or worry about work matters.. been helping our youngest son with his house that he and his lovely wife have recently bought and are knocking to pieces, actually read a whole book this week and enjoying being with my lovely hubby xxx take care and carring on making us smile xx


hi andy -

it is sooo hot here 38 at 12.00 - it is too hot to goo into the pool - but glad you are going well with your new lady xxx


I'm happy for you tooAndy. I heard about your heat wave. We had it here in NYC for weeks, so tired of sweating. made myself go out with walker everyday, Where my mom is it's been over 100 for almost 2 months straight. She's 92 . I was worried about her. My weekend is going OK. A chance encounter with my daughter (Don't Call Me Unless It's an Emergency!) who wants me to come to her 50th birthday party leaves me baffled. A gift of PD that I react slowly to upsetting events, if at all :D


Glad to hear the relationship is growing, There is nothing like love (new or old).

We just returned home to Arizona from visiting family and friends in Colorado late yesterday afternoon. We had a wonderful time but "there's no place like home" as I click my red slippers together.

Plan to rest a little today and do a little grocery shopping. Oh, and catch up on mail, three weeks worth!

Have a good weekend everyone. :-)


Andy..Glad things are going well for you. It has been such a hot summer in Indiana. Records were broken for heat. It is a gorgeous, more fall-like day here today. I plan on riding my tricycle and enjoying the day with my hubby. My grandson, age 7, spent the the night with us last night. So much fun! Enjoying the simple things in life is what it is all about!


Love your response. Aren't grandkids the best? We have 8 1/2. 1/2 is a boy which means we have 7 boys & 2 girls. They provide a lot of entertainment for us.


That all sounds awesome! I'm so happy for you Andy. Enjoy...


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