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I am VERY disappointed that the blog "Gifts", Posted by Steph Cabo was deleted. She was only sharing what has helped her deal with her Gift Of PD.

It encouraged me and I enjoyed reading it.

I have seen posts that use profanity, which offends me...I just chose not to read them.

Shouldn't all ways of handling this disease be allowed to be shared? If it offends you, just don't read it.

Hoping this post will be allowed.

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I agree.


Hi, I sware alot but that just the way i am the post should not have been removed



I also enjoyed reading the post and agree that it did not need to be deleted. It was just saying how she felt and surely could not cause offence.


I was wondering what the guidelines are as to what can be posted and what is not allowed. If these were spelt out people would know what to post and what not to post.


I was too so I just read the terms of use and the guide lines and I guess that whoever does the monitoring of the blog has the right to remove the blog. Here is what is what it says...

"Moderation helps maintain positive, open discussion and content may be edited or removed to ensure that the community is supportive and responsive to the majority. Content may be edited or deleted even where it is not negative, abusive, malicious or deliberately misleading of itself." ...

I don't know if this helps you, but I will try to be a bit more careful with my posts, and my feelings.

I honestly do not want to make it harder on any one. Life is hard enough and I do believe that sometime the written word is sometimes misunderstood...


I once posted a question which fell between the lines of what is allowed. I now steer clear of any posts concerning Religion. I understand that the Site is here to help people understand Parkinsons and to share any queries they may have.

I tend not to post as often as I used to as most of my questions have already been answered.


I enjoy reading all the blogs both good and bad (not that there are any bad ones particularly) we all have ways of coping with most things in life

I cannot think it would be anything so bad as to be removed.

I think by our ages we are broad minded and intelligent enough to decide for ourselves and not to be told what posts can be put on by some faceless person

I haven't a clue who runs this site when I think about it.

In fact who does? (when you come to think about it)


Totally ridiculous that it was deleted!!!!! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU


The post should not have been deleted. There was nothing offensive in it. We all have our own way of dealing with PD, and that was hers.....Therapy is good!


This was a heart-felt diary and I'm quiet sure that most of us "Curse" this disease daily. I am a retired Speech-Language Pathologist diagnosed 3 1/2 yrs ago and I can assure you that many Christian men and women have spoken profanities that would otherwise never come out of their mouths when dealing with TBI, CVA's, and other brain altering diseases. Please reconsider removing her blog.


I do understand that some people are not offended by profanities. I don't think they should have to stop because of how I feel. I was just using an example of how if something is offensice the READER can choose whether to read it or not.


First I want to apologize to any one I may have offended for my blog. Gifts

Second I want to Thank all of you for your supporting and kind your helpful comments.

Third I guess I must have missed something in the rules about what we were allowed to say...

Unless I mistyped and cursed, which I have seen on this site. (I am one rarely curses on purpose and woud not write it) can some one please tell me what I said that was wrong?

Are we not allowed to Thank God??? Because I have seen his name used on this site by others.

Once again I would like to say I am sorry but I really would like to know why it was removed and I was wondering if I could get a copy of what was removed

Thank you all so much



Now I really want to know what was in that deleted post.


Steph, it was very big of you to apologize. I didn't see the blog in question but i do know that when I get really invovled in my writing I have included a curse. I don't curse in my daily conversation unless I have just hit my finger with a hammer. OUr topic is deeply attached to our emotions and whatever comes of it should be shared. IF we are held back.....our true level of feellings will not be expressed.BE yourslelf always and "to thine ownself be true"... of all places this should be one without judgement.


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