Parkinson's Movement

What does Wellness means to me

Wellness to me is Acceptance of whatever changes that Parkinsons brings to me

Accepting that I have to slow down change my lifestyle to accommodate parkinson

And priortize what is really important to me .Excersing,maintaing a positive attitude

And taking my meds as prescribed also help maintain my welllness

Wellness is truthfulness,compassion and tolerance.

Wellness to me is being grateful for the day--- take no baggage into the next day and live my life without as much stress as possible

WEllness is being able to set adversity aside during most of my life to focus on the joy,adventure and positive challenges that living offers

The sunrise in the morning and the sunset at night

Let that decisive action be rooted and grounded in Faith,Hope,love

God has given us four gifts. A key for every problem, A light for every shadow,,A plan for every tomorrow, A joy for every sorrow

Worrying does not solve tommorrows troubles,it only takes away todays peace.

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