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Are you considering being on Friday 28 September in Amsterdam for the first European Unity Walk?

Dear Parkinson's Movement friends

Are you considering being on Friday 28 September in Amsterdam for the first European Unity Walk?

Perhaps it is a very good opportunity for many of us to meet in person at the walk and let everybody know our group.

Ideas and suggestions to arrange this "meeting" are very welcome

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Fulvio, great suggestion!

I will be going to Amsterdam for this event and hope to see you and as many of PM's supporters as possible.

Will anyone else be there?


I think its a great idea will put it on our website in ireland


I'd love to attend this march. Can you share more details about it? Thanks.



Thanks for this reminder. I havent booked yet :) but I think it will be too good to miss! That is a brilliant idea to meet up. Any suggestions where .....

this is a link to information Matilde, hope we see you there and many more people from here.


We have had a number of threads on raising awareness of PD. Well that is exactly the purpose of this walk! Who is going??!! Andy we need a weekend report from Amsterdam!

from the Unity Walk site posted above.

Welcome to the European Unity Walk – a unique event that aims to raise awareness across Europe about Parkinson’s disease and its impact on people living with the disease, their families and our entire society.

Join us on Friday 28 September in Amsterdam as we embark on our first European Unity Walk – a momentous, 1.6-kilometre procession that will bring together hundreds of our friends and supporters from across Europe, including people with Parkinson’s.

Everyone who takes part in this exciting event will be helping us send a powerful message to the public, press and policymakers: that people living with this progressive, chronic and complex neurodegenerative disease should be treated effectively and equally throughout Europe.


Keep posting and share it in your favorite social network profile.

Parkinson's Movement on the move!!!!!!!


would loved to have joined i love amsterdam , i will be at a young persons with pd in stirling. but im all for us all getting together to support pd awareness,

in stirling i hope to introduce more people to this site, it has been so much comfort and support to me . i will post on fb


Hi mitchdee is this your first time at the yp event in stirling? my fourth,went to the first one in dundee.its a useful event for putting us yp,s in touch with each other and very informative,


I'm sure you would all be welcome to the walk. But perhaps for some it is too far away. Or they have other business, like mitchdee.

@mitchdee: if you can't come to Amsterdam, would it be an idea to send a supportmessage from the group at Stirling to the walkers in Amsterdam ?


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