Im 43 with PD and self employed. I work for myself on a govt contract in Maryland. I filed for disabilty last year which i was denied because i make too much money (not). Went to a disability attorney who said i cannot show income for about a year in order to qualify for disability, meanwhile i have a mortgage , car note and bills. This Wed will be my last day working which the only source of income i will receive is from my 4 employees which is not enough money to support me. Any advice on how to survive with pd, its progressing pretty fast and im the only provider for my son and i? I dont know whats programs are out there to help me. Advice?

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  • Do you have short disability insurance? Do you have a long tern disability policy? In NY anyone who has employees must carry short term disability insurance. This should get you somewhat by till you would qualify for SS DBL. In the meantime ask your neuro/movement disorder specialist if there is a social worker in the practice or find a PD support group. Our group has a social worker to help us.They should know what you need to do to get assistance.

  • I think so but will double check. thank you for the advice. i will make some calls

  • i am also 43 with pd. was diagnosed at 40 and its also progressing fast. i was able to work for about 1 yr after my diag., but i had to take 2 leave of absense during that time. right after i quit my job i filed and was approved 1st time in 4 mos. i know you cant be working while you are trying to get it...i didn't wait a yr. tho, i filed as soon as i quit. but i still needed funds during my time off, also have a mtg. you should apply for the shrt/term disb thru your company. what helped get me thru was my 401-k (only had about 5,000 in there so when i quit instead of rolling into an IRA i withdrew it, which i was ok with bec i do have an IRA that will be for my retirement), we refinanced our house.... got money back from that plus payed off a vehicle, so we saved money every month on our mtg payment and no vehicle payment. i did this while i was still working...i knew i was going to soon be going out on disability so i was thinking head and preparing for my financial situation. so between that and our little bit of savings (I think it as like 2,000- 3,000) and i am fortunate enough to have a husband with an income we were able to pull thru and not go into foreclosure. i applied in jan and was approved in 4 mos, but i didn't get my first check until june. our saving got down to $30 ! i would also still talk to someone about some kind of financial assistance. good luck with everything!

  • you may want to try another attourney -Many people who apply for it with an illness are denied the first time. You then have to appeal that at least once. When you appeal they will hold a hearing. They will then re-examine what you can and can not do, your doctor's statements and information, your physical and mental limitations, etc. to determine if they think you can work. Keep trying and good. Luck

  • Ok thank you!

  • My husband also is self employed. He r filed for disiblilty a few months back . His new neuro sent report from his last visit that stated he is still working full time. He isn't, that was a mistake, he works a couple hrs a day if that, mostly around the house. We are getting them to send an addendum to that report, Another delay :( They told us if he can still work in a supervisory position he can't get it. He laid off employees 3 years ago because of the economy (he works in construction landscaping and running equipment) and his inability to sell the work to keep them going. (his voice is low and slurred and potential new customers don't understand his brain is still ok and he knows what he is talking about). I too think you should check with another lawyer, do your appeal. Most are denied the first time. After you get it you can make a little every month and not lose it. I think it's $1000. We are still waiting to hear. We have taken everything down to bare bones, got rid of landline phone, only have basic cable, driving old car, not going out anymore, shopping at Goodwill etc..Its hard and humbling but we will make it. He is positive and doesn't complain, that helps. Wishing you the best as you navigate this hard process.

  • Thank you! You are so kind to share that with me.

  • Thank you all for your support and for sharing your stories with me. i will take your advice!!!

  • The system is flawed...I was only able to work a couple of months in 2010, then a few weeks in 2011. I was just granted disability in July 2012, suppose to receive my first check Sept. 1, 2012.

    I am a single parent, had not been able to make my house payment since mid 2011. The bank has been working with me through the Home Loan Assistance Program to lower my monthly payment. I do not yet know what they will do, but hope they see that things are turning in a more positive direction and will approve the modification.

    There were times that my daughter and I were putting change together to buy food for a meal...friends gave me money to buy food. People think the government just automatically "takes care" of people in our situation, that is not the case.

    Of course, people would say, "sell your house". I had it on the market for a year and would have lost money on it if it had sold. I am trying to keep it until my daughter graduates from high school and then do something else if I have to. Thankfully, I do get some child support and have rented a room out to a friend I have known most of my life. Without that, I do not know where we would be...

  • I wrote about this while it was happening, but when I first went to an attorney, she told me that SS would deny me 2-3 times and to come back after the second denial. Which I did. I know that some people are somehow approved the first time, I was not one of those, even though my Neuro had said that I could not do any form of work.

    I did try to work after my diagnosis, was open with my employer about the PD and my deficits before hire. The first few weeks, I did great, but then started to crash under the stress and could not do my job. It was all documented by my employer. After 5 weeks, they put me on leave. When I went to my hearing in July, the judge had all of this information in addition to my medical and granted the disability after just asking me a few questions. Just wish it could have come sooner...

  • I was diagnosed back in 89 with R/A. I worked up to 2011, in which I could no longer work. All these years I worked in pain etc. until I simply was ruining my legs walking and standing all day long. Well, to make a long story short: all my family was telling me to file for SSD in which I got it the first trip around. I couldn't figure if I was actually disabled or not, but this is just me, well after much prayer and I mean months of prayer I finally filed, my sister simply told me to let them tell me if I was disabled or not. Anyway, turn it completely over to the Lord and file. I didn't get an attorney because you really only need them if denied, keep good medical records and send them all in. I didn't tell my doctor until after I filed and he thought it was great that I did file, he actually told me I could not work and if I tried it wouldn't last, so it's good to be honest all the way, submit all your medical records and have your doctor in your corner. When I submitted all my medical records which you can get, I highlighted everyplace where the records said moderate to severe R/A, I think all that helped. They didn't even send me to their doctor but they did call me, it was all good. I hope some of this would help! Blessings! Feel free to contact me if you wish.

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