Parkinson's Movement

Essentials Skills for overcoming Life's invetiable obstacles

Resilience is of vital i portance when making quick and long decisions in moments of choas,What more it grants you the ability to do so with grace,humour and optimism.Resilience transforms hardships into challenges,failures into success,helpness into power.Resilience turns victims into survivors and alows survivor to thrive,Increasing resilience will require work on your part it is going to take energy,commitment,once you master the skills youwill have a better understanding of who you are and whyyou behave in the way you do them over before.

Resilient people are optimistic they believe that things can change for the better the have hope for the furure anf believe that they control the direction of their lives,optimists are physcially healtheir at work,optimism means that we see our future as relatively bright.Realistic optimism does not assume that good things will happen atomactically it is a belief that good things may happen and are worth pursuing that effort

Our life is like a book.The title page is our name the preface our introduction to the world.The pages are a daily record of efforts,trials ,pleasures,discouragments,day by day our thoughts and acts are being inscribed in our book oflife hour by hour,that record is being made that must stand for all time. Once the word FINIS must be written,let it then be said of our book that it is a record of noble purpose,generous service,the joy of living ou life well


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