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Attitude makes all the difference

when I wake up inthe morning i have two choices i can be happpy or i can be sad.For people with parkinson,attitude is important as nutrition and effects our determines wether our day will be productive or unproductive and affects the lives of those around us

A good attutide doesn't come from wishful thinking alone ,we have to work at it Do you think you're a burden on your family. Do you devalue yorself If you view parkinsons as a weakness,stigma,somethinf to be ashamed of,rather than as a biological happening To live as fully as possible with parkinson you have to do more than overcome the thoughts and feelings by which you undermine yourself as aperson.What you give physically is not nearly as important as what you give emotionally fro your heart

Finally I want each and every onr of you to smile,force the smile if you have to,but smile because you're a human being that God has given right to seek and secure happiness

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A positive outlook on life is essential, as is a sense of humour and a sense of proportion. Try to set yourself a goal, for the day, week or month. When you have achieved your goal you will have some satisfaction. You will also have used your mind and your body, and most importantly ypu haven't let your life slip by.

There are two rules that I live by;

1. Don't worry about what you can't do, because you can't do them. do what you can with what you have got.

2. Do something every day,

Actually three rules

3. You are alive, when you are dead you do nothing.


very true,expect god things from life My mother was a strong woman who always looked on the bright side.If she wanted to accomplish something,she sat down and thought abour it in a positive manner.And nine times out of ten ir came to frution.

When adversity comes up it dosen't lead directly to consequence,in between is you belief we teach people that what they believe affects,whwt they do.,which leads to the final outcome.Change your thinking about a setback--view it as an oppurtunity,for instance and you can change its cosequences


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