Seeking the best resources for people with Parkinson's - can you help?

We are looking for the very best resources for people with Parkinson's from all around the world. These resources could be advice leaflets for the newly diagnosed, or about a specific medication, or about the benefits of certain activities or routines.

If you have examples of excellent literature or online resources, do please let me know as we would very much like to build a library of literature that you recommend and have found helpful, and store this at

We would be so grateful for your help.

Many thanks


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  • In response to this comment. Last autumn while researching information about symptoms and tips after I was diagnosed with PD I found a series of videos on an american site showing a charismatic physiotherapist / movement expert ( not PD expert) giving talks / seminars to PD patients and carers on many aspects of movement and other PD problems and ways to improve the quality of life of patients. Unfortunately I have lost the link and have been searching again for 2 months but to no avail. Perhaps this resource will be helpful for me. thanks

    lesley (newcastle upon tyne)

  • Brilliant - will check with PwPs stateside to see if they can give us a lead. These are exactly the tings we need to track down. Thanks so much for the lead



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    Excellent resource

  • If enquiring into some aspect of PD I often go back to the Wikipedia entry on PD.

  • I find the PUK booklet on drug treatment in Parkinsons invaluable. It has been revised recently and i think lost some good info in the process. I think they left out antdepressant tx amongst other info. Prefer. Earlier version.

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