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Seeking the best examples of resources for people with Parkinson's

We are looking for the very best resources for people with Parkinson's from all around the world. These resources could be advice leaflets for the newly diagnosed, or about a specific medication, or about the benefits of certain activities or routines.

If you have examples of excellent literature or online resources, do please let me know as we would very much like to build a library of literature that you recommend and have found helpful, and store this at

We would be so grateful for your help.

Many thanks


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Parkinsons UK is the obvious one x


Are there any particular leaflets that you have found helpful. I agree there is some excellent information here. Thanks for your thoughts


I found a booklet whilst waiting to see my Consultant yesterday called 'Living with Parkinsons' and found this really helpful. It contained a lot of useful advice.


I have found leaflets booklets helpful to a point, but they are written as a generalisation.

As individuals with Parkinsons if you lined us all up together we would have a myriad of symptoms and problems to discuss, that the leaflets etc do not mention.

I think it is a matter of Just to keep knocking on and minding t'trams (as we said in the West Riding) Do our best every day.


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