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Am relieved that DaT confirmed PD so I wrote a little blog

I am Blessed…. I have Parkinson’s Disease

I thought I did. but know one was sure. I have other confusing issues so it was hard to say.

I just wanted an answer - I felt kind of crazy. So was relieved to find out I was not crazy. I am now taking Azilect and my tremor is better, also I haven't fallen once. While am not happy to have PD, I am happy to have an answer. So I wrote this to share.

Life isn’t always easy is it?

Just when we are supposed to getting to the best part of our life, to the point when we thought we would really start having fun, things fall apart…our bodies, (my mind) things happen, life gets hard and it can hurt. Life changes, it’s not what we wanted, hoped for or expected. But… It's kind of like like my past... keep fighting, keep going, you CAN live!

It is what it is. It is life, it IS Good, and we have to make the best of what we have.

So now we move on… again. Make the changes we have to make.

Stay positive, Love and appreciate every day. Every day is so precious.

With each loss, appreciate each gain. Be thankful for everything we have, everything we've had and experienced.

Because I have had the blessings, or misfortunes (how ever you want to look at it) of having a lot of other conditions some not as bad as PD, some more life threatening, I have learned that knowledge is your best friend when you have a condition or a disease, and that ignorance is your enemy, it can kill you.

Learn all that you can so you can have the best possible lifestyle, live longer, feel the best that you can… Join support groups, share with your family and friends. Let them help.

I am fortunate to follow in my Mothers footsteps with Parkinson’s. I watched her accept her PD with dignity and a never ending smile. My Mom left me with a beautiful gift from Parkinson's, she taught me how to give, and be compassionate. I have found that to just give of your self by helping others is the best medicine ever. Along with love and laughter!

I am so grateful to know know my future can be filled with compassionate loving people in the PD community.

Aloha and Hugs Stephanie

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Thats to me is the way to approach life.

I wish you all the best.



well said

lol jill



I feel the same--relief and appreciation. Thanks -- more power to you!


i did the dat test..they aresending me to have an eye..test....not an ordinary test something some dr here says it is the best test to prove if one has pd


I go for mine this Friday....part of the MJF program in Chicago....what is it like?


Piece of cake except for the holding still. Lol.

No really it was not bad. A log day because it's mostly waiting while the isotope runs through so take something to read. But I actually found them very nice and I was able to relax. The actual test is about 45 min. And lying down. They positin you very well with Lots of support cushions so it is fairly comfortable they played music of choice and was over befor I knew it.

Sorry I took so long to reply. I can't figure out out how to read coments on my MAC. They are blocked. But just figured out I can see them on my phone. Crazy.

Good luck with your scan I hope it goes well.


Thanks for the info....they said I will have about 4 hours of waiting time....may have to shop,,,or window shop on Michigan Ave. I just hope the machine is not to cramped...I am very,,,,very claustrophobic....


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