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I just watched the Olympic women's semi final games . Japan vs France and Canada vs US. Both were stunning displays of true world class athleticism... I am more amazed at how the excitement exhaust me. It seems that the off periods are more profound and I don't recover with the next dose as well. I probably should miss the remaining game... ditto for the men's.

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I'm sorry to hear about the exhaustion from the excitement. Over the past few golden days I have been glued to the TV shaking like a (gold) leaf with the tension.

Regarding the woman's football I've always enjoyed it on the TV so a few weeks back I was delighted to find tickets were still available for the Wembley semi final.

What a day! It was my first visit to the new stadium which is awesome and the game was first class. We had excellent tickets with a superb view of all the action as France poured wave after wave of attack after falling two nil down.

Obviously we missed the other game buy I can say that when Japan beat France 2-1 I was there.


I forgot that you Brits call soccer football. Glad you all enjoyed it.


I find myself twitching and jerking along with the athletes while watching on television. Got to cut down on the caffeine!! :D


That's exactly what happens to me. If I am riding my stat bike I speed up as the players approach the box. Can't help it.


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