Caffeine may improve Parkinsons symptoms

A recent study in which subjects had 200mg 2x daily of caffeine for 3 weeks ( at morning and lunch so as not to effect sleep) showed that it had motor benefits and helped with "freezing" and rigidity in Parkinsons patients.

In an article accompanying these findings it was noted that a study was conducted 40 years ago that found benefits of combining Caffeine with Levadopa, but the dose was too high (about 1100mgs per day) bringing on dyskinesia, At lower doses caffeine does appear to have benefits without negative effects,

This article also stated that caffeine may have a protective effect against Parkinsons.

All this is great news....because I have just put on a pot of Hazelnut Creme Coffee! Join me in a cup?

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  • I read that also. I was drinking a lot of soda (diet) when I discovered my PD. Have given up soda and almost all caffeine since.

    Maybe I'll got back to caffeine and see what happens. :)

  • I always start my day with a double espresso and definately feel the benefits. It's interesting you mention diet soda, I recently read an article that the sweeteners (particularly aspartame) can be bad for us parkies. I used to drink gallons of the stuff and have now stopped.

  • DiCan,

    There are lots of nasty chemicals in soda. I don't think its the caffeine in them thats the worry...I will pour you a cup of coffee, its just finished brewing!

  • HI



    LOL jiLL


  • Grean Tea.

    It has been reported for many years that green tea polyphenols protect dopamine neurons that increases with the amount consumed. This protective effect is mediated by inhibition of the ROS-NO pathway, a pathway that may contribute to cell death in Parkinson's.

  • how very interesting - i dont drink coffee but will start and do a bit of an evaluation

    just to see what happens with my inability to walk

  • I hope it helps. I'm going to try it as well as the green tea.

  • well terri - i have found it worked for me !! i def walked better after 2 strong cups of coffee - but i do feel a bit more jittery too !!

  • Interesting but I. Have never got on with caffeine...all nutritionists advise against it because it makes you nervy. John coleman who recovered from his symptoms naturally says no to caffeine. Its an unnatural stimulant...better to have earl grey tea with bergamot!

  • Thanks for info on green tea! I.ll increase my intake!

  • The study does state that some people can not tolerant caffeine.

    It is interesting that when asked, the neurologist didn't think there could be possible negative effects from artificial sweeteners.There are many who document serious problems associated with them. I imagine is has much to do with the individuals tolerance level and the specific brain function unique to each case.

  • i stick to black coffee and iced green tea. No sweetener. I do feel perkier. Too much and I'm dyskinesiac.

  • Does tea, which has caffeine, have the same effect?

  • yes

  • Sucralose (popular artificial sweetener Splenda) = produced by replacing three oxygen-hydrogen groups of a sugar molecule with chlorine atoms = chlorocarbons are nerve toxins (DDT & dioxins are chlorocarbons)

    Regular consumption of Splenda has been shown to alter the microflora within the intestinal causing decreased resistance against pathogenic organisms.

    * sourced from Journal Of Toxicology and Environmental Health

    The important thing to remember is that affects vary based on the individual, the amount ingested, the frequency of consumption, and individual metabolism.

    Why take the chance?

    Best to avoid processed food products as much as is possible for a healthier body/mind.

    Option : Stevia = plant sourced = no effect on blood sugar = no chemical after taste because no chemicals involved

    Caffeine Facts

    Caffeine transfers calcium, sodium, and potassium in the cells, membrane permeability increases which in turn results in more powerful muscle contractions, increased reaction speed, and increased mental awareness. It stimulates the central nervous system and slows substances used to stop neuronal firing.

    Caffeine is a diuretic. Be certain to stay hydrated properly to prevent dehydration.

    Coffee 90-150mg caffeine

    Instant Coffee 60-80mg caffeine

    Green Tea 20mg caffeine

    Carry on strong.

  • Drank a cup at breakfast and stayed awake all night!

  • I drink two cups of tea every morning for breakfast

  • Thinking back to pre-PD diagnosis I was drinking a Vinte Americano (Expresso) from Starbucks every morning when I was working. Retired end of 2009 stopped the daily habit diagnosed with PD July 2010. Might be something to it so I have started the caffeine tablets.

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