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The Irony or destiny of life

My Life now has taken a full turn.I was an accounant by profession more into figures than letters.I was assigned the job of costing for levedopa the gold standard drug,with not much thought for what it was.untila one day when i happened to visit a friend in the neighboured,I noticed that his mother used to get up and just run across the living room

Having oberserved this for a couple od times,i asked my friend what it was all about when he mentioned about parkinson and that levodopa was the drug for this ailment.I helped procure the same from time to time.After a couple of years she passed away and i forgot all about ,till one fine day on August 2nd 1996 when I was diagnosed for parkinson it suddenly hit me like a tornado.After thirty years or so I had to take the same drug.What would you say about it ?

We the parkinsons people still have a lot to give to others despite the challenges and tough times we face with a deteriorating neurological condition We all have gifts and love to give others.When it comes our turn to leave this world we will be remembered as people who made a difference


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Ronald, it is vital that people with Parkinson's come together to help beat this disease. Those living with the condition have the knowledge and understanding that can help inform the science, which will speed up the quest for a cure. Parkinson's Movement is all about bringing people with Parkinson's together, to look at the bigger picture: to involve people in research, to identify priorities, to add pressure on decision makers who hold the power to fast track new treatments, which will make the difference to the lives of people with Parkinson's.

I would really value the chance to talk to you about the cost of Parkinson's through looking at the cost of medication. Might you be able to help?

Best wishes



There is an attempt to try and explain what it is to have PD This has been called a designer Disease since no two people have the same symptoms hence the cost of medications in relations to cost of parkinsons may vary from person to person It is heartening to note that our lives will be healtheir and longer. wiith money being poured in by pharmaceutical companies and instutions for reasearch the senario is indeed bright How can one be sure that the research work being done is reported to us in a transparent manner we need to work out a mechanism to ensure that medical jiurnals that report such breakthrough themselves are not biased or have vested interest in the reasearch Only then canwe rest assured that the future will be bright




Ron, we definitely have a lot to offer. As informed advocates and being willing to share what we know will go a long way when it comes to providing the pressure needed to create change. We welcome your insight.


Thanks Israel for you comment

Advocates make things happen.Advocating for parkinson's disease takes as little or much commitment as you decide to put towards the cause Advocacy can take many forms. Walk out of your door and let others see you with your symptons In thisway you will be educating others about what PD is --and is not Regards



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