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S.M.A.R.T. Patient

I figure that I will have a better run at things if I try to be a bit smart about being a patient. After all none of us were born patients and like parenting we seem to learn along the way. So I try to use my noodle such as it is to optimize my life and my care, hopefully. I apologize for the use of an acronym it is not to be all business like it is so I can actually remember! It worked for Never, Eat, Shredded, Wheat as compass references from the age of 6...

S :: Self aware. Knowing who you are, being totally honest and candid to yourself is critical. You can have early sight of things you know are going to affect you more and can use this to plan solutions or coping mechanisms.

M :: Motivated ... to get up everyday, make stuff happen, to keep a full life. This doesn't happen on its own. I need bags of inspiration which I get, but not by sitting on my butt or watching daytime TV I engage everyone and everything.

A :: Attitude .. no woe is me, no I can't, I won't, no negativity. Not easy on a bad day, but a bad day is a lost day. Turn it around, its down to you.

R :: Robust, stability underpins life, A firm anchor allows change to flow. Kepp around you a small network, shrink your world. Limit your contacts but make them exceptional.

T :: Trust those who care for you, to do the best they can. Believe in the skill of others, acknowledge expertise, and know your own.

It helps me a lot to be S.M.A.R.T

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Thank you Colleen, that was a very good acronym! Within Parkinson's Movement we are planning to build on the spirit you describe so well and there will be articles on "e-patients" on the "parent site" in the near future. Please come take a look!


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