Meds Changed Again

Went to see my Pd Nurse on monday, and Meds have been changed again, old stuff not effective any more now on Stalevo, so have to deal with the side effects of this till i get used to them,

Its bloody pissing me off , that just when you think you might be getting sume respite the meds stop taking effect and off we jolly well go NEW Stuff

Well rant over , still not sleeeping

And Good luck to all our Olympic Stars today


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  • My husband is on stalevo and he has never looked back, he does get some of the side effects but on the whole is so much more mobile and active since. However have friends who cannot take it, we are all different. but good luck to you hope it works for you x

  • Thanks ,

    Only day 3 so have to wait , iam still on requip at night and 8 stalevo per day

    Life goes on as they say. Ah Parkinson's the gift the keps on takeing


  • I am also on Stalevo and Requip XL. Due for a review next week. However, I find that taking Requip at night stops me sleeping, so now I take it in the morning. We all need a rant sometimes so rant on.

  • Court ,

    I am on requipo at night to and i havent sleept for months, i used to take it in the mornings by my PD nurse suggested that i take it at night as it might help me sleep .

    Well it does the opposit

    Have a good weelend


  • I take mine early morning and find this suits me, at the moment. When I took it at night it seemed to wake me up and I couldn't settle. Also restless legs. I still don't sleep well amd wake early, but can cope with this.

    Enjoy your weekend. Will you be at Andy's party?


  • Still not sleeping. Have posted on this today. Was told to take Requip XL at night now take in morning, increased to 8mg. Stalevo seems to work well on the whole. Don't know if pain could be associated with this. Going to phone Parkinsons Nurse as I am off to The Canaries soon.

  • If you are saying it is only your third day and you are on on six Stalevo - Wow! Depending on your doses, you may be at or beyond the max recommernded dose: eight tablets of Stalevo 50/75/100/150 or six of Stalevo 200.

  • Sorry my mistake its 6 per day and requip at night

    Does as is 50 mg levodopa, 25mg Carbidopa and 200 mg Entacapone


  • I am also on Stelevo, as well as requip,madopar, and fluoxetine. The stelevo has helped me, so hopefully you can see changes soon. (ps a rant does you good!) xx

  • Thanks

    A good rant does you good


  • I am taking Stelevo 6 tabs a day. They give me the ability to function while they are working.

  • Cheers Mate

  • Dont know whats happening, i have had more energy to day than i have had for a long time, washed both cars done an ironing cleand the house and made the bed , oh and that was after i went to work,

    watch this space


    ps dont know what tomorrow will bring , but i do no something , i still dont sleep, realy looking forward to Andys 50th birthday party this sat night ,


  • I swear I will NEVER change meds again. Tried Stalevo twice with bad results. Now on 250/100 sinimet 5x a day and side effects are manageable compared to sudden & complete wearing off after 2 hrs! Rant on friends we learn so much from each other. :D

  • Correction: 25/100 sinemet! plus one sinemet CR.

  • hi,

    Iv just came off sinimet and put on Stalevo, will have to wait and see what happens

    Any way its friday and iam going to the pub for a pint.


  • I think it happens to us all, we are put on another drug and it does good (hopefully)but wonder how long we shall we feel well for until we need to change to something else.

    When we are well I think just take advantage of the fact we are, and never mind tomorrow.

    It will surely come, when it does, lets deal with it then.

  • Wise words from a wise man



  • hi al - i am glad that stalevo seems to be 'doing it for you' - the only thing they did for me was to make my ankles like balloons and my pee smell !!

  • I think that all parkinsons drugs are a real waste of time!!

  • lurked here for long enough

    dx 2010 at 44 - been through most dopamine agonists but wasn't ever able to sleep properly and started dropping off all the time. now 5 x stalevo 150 pd + 1mg azilect for fun. The ups and downs of stalevo are remarkable but I'm coping with 5 (every three hours) so I'll hold off 6 for the moment

    i do






    Every one says my mobility and speech is remarkably improved from 6 months ago when I ended up banged up in hospital for two weeks (bloody useless patches)

    what are other's timings?


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