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hiya, my mum was diagnosed with parkinsons a couple of years ago just over, she passed away a couple of months ago after contracting severe pneumonia and taking her so quickly (under 24 hrs). I was wondering what my chances are of getting parkinsons as i believe it can be hereditary and if there are any tests to find out before i get any symptoms if i am to get it

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From what I have read there is no hereditary connection even though gene research indicates it may be caused by a genetic mutation. There is no history of Parkinson's in my husband;s family and I had the same worry for my children. If you are concerned however, see your PMD for a check up and learn all you can about it.

Parkinson's can be hereditary but is rare. A gene called Pink1 has been identified as the cause. It is very difficult to diagnose PD until dopamine commences leaking from the brain. a DAT scan would show if that has started. I do not know of any other way of measuring accurately dopamine loss. See your GP initially but do be fobbed off.

Thank you to you both. There wasnt anyone with parkinsons in our family before my mum that we knew of, but i always say, illnesses that are hereditary have to start with one member. Saying that, my mum couldnt think of anyone in our family having an illness my daughter had as a baby, came across my grandfather's death certificate when i went all through my mum's things, found the illness was a cause of his death. I did see on one website that the parkinsons is or can be hereditary.

I will have to ask my doctor when i can, i have enough problems with my doctor trying to get him to understand how i am with an illness i have now and how little i can do with having it.

Sorry about your loss of your mom.

I think that there is a lot of validity to the old PD saying: Genetics loads the gun, environmental toxins pull the trigger.

With that said, are you familiar with the environmental toxins that are the most likely to "pull the trigger"? If yes, have you looked in to the toxins on this list that your mom, you, or your descendants have had a bunch of exposure to?

Also, be aware there is still a whole bunch of conjecture and uncertainty as to the cause(s) of


Thank you srarndt, i have heard the saying, cant remember is i looked at the toxins at all. I know it is one of the illnessesthey are still unsure of. There is so much publicity on heart disease, stroke, cancer etc, but so little on parkinsons unless you look it up on the internet. My mum lived right by the sea, the last 20 years of her life, kept herself busy, ate a good variety of mealsof meat, veg, fruit, she was a real traditionalist when it came to meals and her life too.

me n hubby were exposed to high levels of high carbon monoxide poisioning in 2008/2009 and i was diagnosed with pd in 2009. we are lucky we survived, but perhaps with problems. i just recently found out that a distant cousin just got diagnosed. i honestly believe that the co poisioning played a role in this and triggered early onset pd. however, my hubby is fine but he is much bigger than i am and i was also told that the co poisining could have affected a different part of my brain. heredity or coincidence?

My Grandfather had Parkinsons. My Father has Parkinsons. Will I have it? If there was a specific test to find if I carry the gene, would I want to know?

My answer is this:

One of the great ways to stress yourself out and encourage illness, both physical and mental, is to worry about things that may or may not happen. The best I can do for myself and those I love is to live a healthy and full life, to make healthy choices and live with no regrets.

At 56 years old I can count at least 5 times in my life when I could/should have died...A roll-over car accident, a train crash that killed many people (which I was to be on but changed my mind at the last minute) As a street cop when I was in immediate danger of being shot or stabbed etc...

My point is, that each of us could die of anything at anytime. I try not to waste my health by smoking, using toxic chemicals or living on junk food.I try not to waste my capacity for love and joy by being around negative or toxic people or situations.

My advice to you... Don't waste time and energy on the things you can't control.Embrace your health while you have it, embrace your life and live it. This will honor your Moms memory in the best way possible.

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Good advice. I have PD 10 years, never saw it coming, but when my son passed away at age 36 I developed symptoms within months. In hindsight I had it for a while but without that shock I would not have manifested it until late in life. No one in my family had it and according to my analysis at 23andMe my dna shows a minute possibility that I get it! So now I have it and live one day at a time. Also got the pneumonia vaccine and I get a flu shot once a year.

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i'm an old man, who has suffered a great many misfortunes, most of which never happened- mark twain


I should just try to forget it, we cannot always see what illnesses we may end up with

We just have to make the best of each day.

I am sorry about your Mum may she Rest in Peace God bless.


Sorry about your Mum! My Mother had Parkinson's Disease and two of her brothers but the other 4 siblings did not! Me and two of my three brothers have Parkinson's Disease! Not hereditary? Check with a Specialist in this field is my suggestion! And research it fully!


No one in my family was or has been dx with PD!

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