Pisa syndrome and DBS

Has anyone had “Pisa syndrome”(leaning to the side) and then had the deep brain stimulation surgery? If so what effect did the surgery have on the leaning? I’ve had PD for six plus years, and heretofore had only minor symptoms, including no tremors. Then, about six months ago, I developed this “list” to the right along with considerable pain. This occurred practically overnight. In attempting to overcome this, I’ve tried physical therapy, medication changes, chiropractic, botox and a few more, all to no avail. I’m now scheduled for DBS (very shortly) but am fearful it may be a waste, and impose unnecessary risks. I’d like to hear from anyone with similar experience.

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  • Is the listing in the neck trunk or whole body? Is it there sitting, standing or both... can you lay down perfectly straight or does it still pull to the side?

  • The listing is at the trunk, both sitting and standing, less when lying down.

  • Worth a try... if you can

    get on hands and knee

    lift one arm up toward the wall

    hold for 5

    then try the other side

    next try and lift a leg up off the floor/bed

    hold for 5

    then try the other side

    If it goes well after a day or so of trying, try and do opposite sides a few inches off the floor concurrently. Right hand and left knee for 5 counts... then the opposites. If your efforts are successful you might try lifting a little higher.

    It helps strengthen the trunk muscles for stability... co-contraction.

    If you are really wobbly do it next to a couch for stability.

  • Thanks, I'll try that as I list to the left. Any other suggestions?

  • We do this exercise in yoga for pwp's. It's a good one. One doctor said I had scoliasis, I said maybe but my meds had worn off!

  • I had DBS 4 10 2012 and leaned very bad to the left and no I don't do that any more but what you should undertand the DBS can only help so much you still need the implants programed (This takes ahwile) and when your meds are not on, you still have PD symptoms, DBS is not a cure all but it gave me back my life.

  • It's just another symptom of Parkinsons . My husband is 78 we have been married for 54 years and he has leaned / fallen onto me when either standing or sitting for most of those years ..

    He didn't get diagnosed until about 7 yrs ago but looking back a lot of the symptoms signs were there . The listing to one side does seen to come and go .

    We probably would have picked Parkinsons many years ago if we had had GOOGLE !!..

  • I lean to the right side all the time. It causes a lot of pain. It is really hard ,because I can't find away to sit with out falling over. It's so frustrating and limits my activities. Does anyone know of a solution?

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