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Well, it finally happened. After several falls leaving me bruised and bloody, I took a bad tumble yesterday. Besides the obligatory scrapes and bruises, I broke my right hand and will more than likely need surgery. This sucks because I can't drive with a cast, and actually I am more than a little afraid to go out alone. I am praying that feeling goes away once I've healed. Otherwise the PD gains a little more ground. Not going to happen if I can help it.

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Praying all goes well. Please keep us up-to-date.


Remove those feelings of fear right now and do not let them get a foothold. That is the enemy talking and you have to remove those thoughts from your mind.

Only allow positive thoughts to flow and that your healing will be fast and without complications. One fall is not a giant setback, you got this. Be strong in mind, body and faith!!


Amen to that!


Sorry to hear this. Make sure you take your hospital kit with you and they know what you take and when.


Bless your heart. May God give you strength.




i fractured my ankel badly 5 yrear s agaao way b4 diagnosis with PSP

But i had no idea that it woudl g et wor se nad i would fall on a dialy basis 4 - 6 times

a broken hadn si not easy to cope with and it may mean you hav e to stop drivign for a while

how r u fixed for gettign anyhwere iwht no car?

i finallyh sotpped driving 18 months ago b4 diagnosis - had a horrendous car crash - car awrit e off me ok and it was a wake up call

stay smilign if psos

and lol JIll



please dont let this set you back. i get feelings like that too but im able to talk myself down, i broke my wrist yrs ago b4 pd and its amazing what we take for granted,this is when i discovered screw top wine bottles. where do you live as i drive and more than happy to help.


After a beautiful, sunny (read HOT!) day in Virginia entertaining friends and family, reading FB wishes, and of course your thoughts and good wishes, my spirits have been raised immensely. I will accept help until I heal and then go back to asserting my independence. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the words of encouragement.


Make sure you are given your meds on time. If you have a Parkinson hospial kit take it with you. Wil pray for you Homeinva. God Bless.


remember "be brave" and have a positive attitude.......... optomistic and smiling.............

all winning attitudes !!

i will keep wmiing until my face freezes...........laughter really is the best medicine,,,,,

especially when i laugh at myself,which i di everyday. you will be just fine,and keep us posted



Blessings to you! Hope you heal fast. Everytime I fall I just "get back on the horse and ride it", so to speak. I do try to go back through exactly what I was doing immediately prior to the fall. I have found that if I get to far forward on the balls of my feet I fall forward, if I get to far back on my heals and start moving backward (not willingly) I'll fall backwards and if I turn to quickly I normally fall to the side. So, I try to keep myself focused when I'm doing anything other than walking forward which I do well until something gets in my way.


I know how you feel. A year ago I was convinced I could not go anywhere without an aide. Then my PD exercise group roped me into a walking class to prepare for the Parkinson's Walk for the Cure in April. I was allowed to use walker. I got on treadmill. Walked miles in rain, meds off or on. I could do it! Also in classes we work on balance and fall prevention. Find a group and exercise, exercise, exercise. I am out and about and much happier. Even though my PD is worse (had to up meds by one). Never give up. :)


Saw the ortho yesterday. No surgery, YEAH! Still sore and nervous about walking through patking lots. Grab the nearest cart and go.Keeping that positive attitude. Maybe its time to start walking outside more. Time to reinvest in hiking sticks. Maybe I will start mall walking first. Thanks for all the support. Good to know I am not alone.



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