Unacceptable use of this website

The administrators and myself are receiving an increasing number of complaints about people using blogs for self-promotion or advertising.

This form of usage is not acceptable. Action taken will be in the form of warnings or, if we deem it necessary, a straightforward ban. Persistent use beyond that point, such as registering again under different names, may be subject to further action.

It would be a pity if the actions of a tiny minority had consequences for the entire community.

This website is provided for patients to exchange views and opinions. It is not to provide free advertising.

8 Replies

  • I am in 100% agreement. Thank you for your diligence.

  • I totally agree especially those claiming "cures" giving false hope to those who do not fully understand the complexity of the syndrome.

    I use 'syndrome' as I feel it better covers Parkinson's as a medical term as opposed to 'disease'.

  • i agee - syndrome is a much better and more disripitive way of descibing it

  • I quite agree. There are quite a number of these advertisements creeping in. Thanks Drew. I also hate the word disease and couldn't think of an alternative. I will use 'syndrome' in future.

  • Helpful hints and suggestions from other patients are great. When someone is profiting from their own post should not be allowed. Let them buy an ad on FB. :)

  • I need an editor :D (delete 'when' 'is')

  • Thank you for your continued effort to keep this an honest blog site. It's nice not to be "targeted" by advertisements.

  • I agree too, it is very recent that I have come back to a blog, I gave up for a year because of targeting and dare I say bullying of others

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