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One Dozen Cookies

WE were only marrieed three years when I had to tell my husband I had Parkinsons DIsease.

He said , "OK No problem." HE has remained that way for these past 8 years.

I wanted to ;do something special for him while he was away on his annual ski trip with the guys.

He said he would love some homemade chocolate chip cookies.

THe only reason we have a kitchen is because it came with the house. I am not a chef by any means. So I looked for the appliances I would need and began to prepare for the;bake off.

I didn't have a mixer but I did find a hand held mixer with only one beate

I found aa large glass bowl and some measuring cups. I was ready.

I put the ingredients into a large bowl sitting on ,my granite counter top,. THen it was time to add the flour. I poured it into the bowl as my liitle beater turned on and began to mix . Suddenly I had a jerking tremor and the glass bowl took off across the granite. It had a mind of its own and we traveled every inch of my counters throwing dusty flour and batter all over the kitchen. I couldn't use the button to turn off the mixer so I had to steer the bowl back to a socket and un plug it. WHat should have been 24 cookies was only three. When my husband came home I showed him the cookies and he didn't believe I made them because where were the rest of them?

Once he started to scrape all of the dough off of the kitchen cabinets it became clear to him that I did indeed bake him cookiews.

THis is a clear picture of what it is like to BAKE WITH PARKINSON .

.,. ...

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You just made me laugh so much!! Gold medal for effort that's for sure. We had only been married a very short time when my lovely hubby was diagnosed. I thank heaven that he didn't know sooner or we might never have met. Some things are just meant to be.. I hope you are as happy as we are, we both feel this is the happiest time of our lives despite everything. I hate seeing him struggle with some things but he has a fabulous sense of humour like you; and it means everything is surmountable so long as we work at it together.


What a lovely story, a love story I think. Thanks an inspiration of love a sense of humour, thanks we need more of this to share x


I pictured what you wrote, with tears of laughter. thank you, I needed that today. with your sense of humor, and determination, you will live a long fun life with a husband who adores you. what a lucky lady !!! (your husband is a very lucky guy, also)




yes a goood story

i am now with mh partner of 4 years and am sort fo "happy"

it is what you make of it really

i did not get diagnosed until 18 months ago and my Psp problems drivie him mad

but i cannto help my poor motor skills

hte way i eat

and my inabiltiy ot carry anything iwthout fallign over!!

lol Jill



LOL! What a great story. Good for you for trying.



That cracks me up ! My friend/neighbor and land-lady upstairs asked me If I wanted a glass of sangria, I said yes and she asked "Will I need to put it in a sippy cup this time"?

I flung the last one...I have light tan carpet.


I could picture this because I did the same thing. I love to bake and cook and do knitting and crocheting but it is hard to do when your shaking so bad. I did get some heavy cookie sheets and measuring spoons and cups which helped a lot. I also measure out all my ingredients in separate bowls so I can remember what I put in just in case one of our four kids interrupts. The worse one I had was we had company over for supper and I shook the Chicken right off the plate into a waiting dogs mouth. My family is so use to me being able to cook 2 meals at a time, talk to four kids and one husband and keep tract of what is what that they cant understand now i can only do one thing at a time. I just laugh and move on

Have a Blessed Day



What a Youtube video that would have made. Sorry for the loss of batter but I bet those three cookies were excellent!


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