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Successful Trip

I just returned from a trip to New Jersey to visit my daughter and husband and 3 grandchildren

ages 4,7,10.I wrote about the trip up there . We were supposed to leave on Wed. but our flight was delayed because of bad weather so we were able to re-book the flight for the next day with an upgrade at no charge. The return trip back was just as easy since we requested a wheelchair and were picked up at the plane.

I was surprised at how well I did durning the 8 days we were there,and I realized I had worried for nothing.I think when we are forced to have to function normally somehow we can do it.I helped cook and made pancakes for the grandchildren every morning.My daughter has quite an active household with three very noisy children and a big golden retriver.To be honest that was very stressful for me and my husband.The kids fought with each other and the little one had a lot of temper tantrums. The young people really have a different way of raising their kids. But anyway we survived and are very happy to be back in our beautiful little

home in The Villages,Fl..

P,S. It was not all stressful as we had some very nice times also but next time they can come to my house.i

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I am sure your grandkids would love to see you. My grandkids were so helpful when i had trouble walking and they dont care how we look.


Am glad your trip turned out so well, with only minor problems. It was also gratifying to hear you report finding a higher level of performance when needed. I believe we sometimes surrender to PD, ( in things such as the "shuffle") when, with extra effort, we can drive him back.

Enjoy being home.


Amen to that.......Thanks for the kind comment.


My greatest fear was my grandkids having to see me this way but they are so kind and wait for grammie when she walks my four year old grandson watches me like a hawk at his games none of them are embrassed. Love them so Spur is 4 JackLynn is 4 and Jeremiah is 1 i love them so


Thank God children do not see our disabilities.They are able to look past that and see the love in our hearts I wrote a poem about grandchildren that I will post later.


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