I might be getting a PD service dog!!

It's true! I might be getting a PD service dog (witih the emphasis on MIGHT)!! I passed the written application phase, which included writing two essays and filling out a bunch of other papers. After about 2 wks., they called me and want me to come in for a face-to-face interview, which is scheduled for next Wed., 7/25. I'm being cautiously optimistic... don't want to get my hopes up too much.

The interview is at the training facility up in Pennsylvania; about a 3 hr drive. So, I would appreciate you thoughts, prayers, good vibrations, use of the runes, or whatever other positive "stuff" you can send my way for both the interview and the drive to go well (I plan to drive up and come back the same day) .

This organization has trained service dogs for PD people in the past. Mostly labs. It's a 1.5 to 2 yr process from when they say "yes" to actually getting the dog. it takes that long to train them (maybe longer to train ME! Ha!).

As I said, I am trying to be no more than cautiously optimistic...so as to soften the crushing blow of disappointment that will descend on me if it doesn't happen.

Thanks for you positive thoughts, etc.


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  • George,

    I have a 7 pound Maltese that is my service dog., for PD. When I freeze , I say feet and he gets on my feet and digs and somehow I become unfrozen and can walk. I often, loose my balance and fall. If I am unable to get up, he will tug at me and if I can't get up, he goes to the monitoring button and presses that. They talk to me to see if I need an ambulance or someone to assist me.

    Just be yourself and I am sure you will find the lovable service dog that will fit your needs. I have a friend in Florida that visited often to a place in Florida, and she also received a servicedog for PD as well. By her visiting often and bringing the dog home on weekends, she received the dog faster than the usual 2 years.

    God Bless,


  • Hi Margie, that's great to hear about your Maltese. I also live in Florida, may I ask was the Maltese yours and she was trained for rescue? I have a Morkie and someone mentioned to me I should have her trained for rescue. It's amazing instinctively when I freeze she circled my feet trying to help.

  • I too have a service do I adopted from Guide Dogs for the Blind. German Shepherd and a wonderful companion.

    Prior to that I had a schutzhund trained police German Shepherd. He was wonderful as

    well. He has since passed away.

    Good luck on your interview. When I went for the interviews they watched the dogs

    reactions to me more so than mine to the dog.


  • I'm glad I read this. Didn't know they trained service dogs for PD patients. Will explore further. I already have a Toy Poodle. that is extremely smart annd very protective.

  • please send me info

  • Glad to: k94life.org/

    Threre's also a service dog training place in Charlotesville, VA, but they were less enthusiastic about their experience in trainig a PD dog:

    Service Dogs of Virginia


  • Grrrrreat! I am so happy for you. Gee, I have 2 Labs already and a rescue basset hound.

    One more Lab is borrowed. Does this mean I can have even more? A wonderful dawg is the best therapy a "Parkie" could ever have!

  • Any Pet is wonderful and a blessing.

  • I live in the UK and have never heard of PD trained dogs, but I fully agree with MGirardi that dogs are "the best therapy a "Parkie" could ever have"!

    I have two wonderful Border Collie cross's - both rescue(d) dogs - couldn't live without them!

  • I have enquired about PD dogs in UK and they are just beginning to train them. Apparently I am not "bad" enough to have one yet. So 3 weeks ago I rescued a lovely little mutt and a dog trainer is coming at the weekend to help me. Cookie, the dog, is certainly getting me to move and a bit of unconditional love helps too.

  • Well now I feel foolish, I got service cats instead and they are entirely useless.

  • OMG too funny! Get a Siamese. Mine is smart, but tells me to do it myself cuz I'm interrupting her nap

  • George,

    That's wonderful! Just be yourself and you will be fine. My service dog "Charlie" is being trained by Paw Pals Assistance dogs and I should get him late next year. Be sure to have a name ready because you should be able to name him or her unless the dog is older and already in training. Good Luck.


  • I wondered about the naming thing... thanks for the heads up!

  • George,

    Best wishes on your trip and especially during the interview.


  • We are in Uk and never heard of any of this, interesting especially if it helps.

  • i will keep everything crossed you get a dog.

    im in scotland and dont think we have such thing

    i love dogs and sadly lost my own dog 2 Yrs ago before i was dx, i doggie sit for a friend when she goes on holiday and although she is not a service dog i get so much from it,

    it makes me get up off the couch and walk ,

    keep us informed , all my thoughts will be with you in the interview

    diane x

  • I love that you have a service dog, I will continue to read what you write about your new experience. Thanks

  • good luck and keep us posted........!!!!

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