What do we have to do when PD takes us on a wee journey in the dark

What do we have to do when PD takes us on a wee journey in the dark

Update 13 the July 2012-07-13

Well as my journey with Pd carries on I have had a few very funny and yet some sad moments , still not seeing my grand kids , hurts like hell , someday soon I hope all this shite will end and nick and Scott will see sence , my good days and bad days are now turning out to be good hrs and bad ones but as we say life goes on , just now I am staying in this beautiful B&B just outside Morpeth in Northumberland , I am on business down here for a few days , as I said life goes on , I can still drive so as long as I have my licence I will continue to work for as long as I can , the weather has been crap over the past few weeks , on a funny moment last Sunday think it was the 8th July after a few pints in Chapman’s one decided to go for a walk in the pissing rain with no real protection from the rain, I was in my usual ( fuck this Parkinson’s mode) so off I jolly well went shuffling at a snail’s pace covering 1 mile per hrs as is my want , shaking and shuffling along the country road that runs outside our house , picture the scene here , pissing down with rain the bold Alan shuffling with head phones on listening to my iPod its about 01.00hrs dark and here we have this nutter with PD staggering two steps forward and three back two to the side on the country road cars passing at what seamed like 100 mph, any way I carry on my shuffle , freezing a few time as I go head shaking in time to the music although this is not by choice, 2 hrs later I come to a sign above the road and I freeze under it head drooped feet rooted to the spot and going nowhere after what seemed like a few hrs a car pulls up , head still in a drooped position I here this voice , Ok sir have we had a wee drink , fuck off was my slur reply it’s got fuck all to do with you , it’s the police was the reply , don’t care who the fuck you are I said , I have froze and I can do sod all about it, the word stuck came from my mouth , stuck what the fuck are you talking about said the police , fucken stuck you dick head was my reply next thing this police officer pulled the head phones out of my ear, look sir he said we have had a call from a concerned individual who said that a person was standing under this sign and may be in danger , fuck off aim only going for a walk said i, again he said have you been drinking at this point I went to get my wallet out of my pocket , as soon as my hand went down to my pocket I was on the ground and hand cuffed , fuck me was only going to get my Parky card out to show them , any way they got my wallet out chuked in to the back of their car and after a few awkward moments , oh you have Parkinson’s , that what I was Fucken trying to tell you pair of dicks , by this time my swearing had reached its peek every second word was a wee swear, where do you live , and we will take you home , address is in my wallet , can you take these Fucken handcuffs off , sorry sir they are on for your safety , my safety , my arse, any way they managed to find where I stay so imaging Larraine’s surprise when the cops chap the door and explain to her that I was picked up on the back road near our house, to her horror I staggered up the drive and got the scowling stare , where were you ,and what do you thing you were doing , only going for a walk was my reply, Larraine thought I had gone to my bed , so cops leave and then the interrogating started , just look at you , I was like a droont rat socked right through to my drawers , shaking like a bag of bones , have you taken your meds , well I don’t know so she went off on one < you think your invincible don’t you , yes I am was my retort , what would have happened if you got hit by a car , probably die one said to which larine told me to go to hell , as quick as a flash I said at least it would be dry , as I crawled up stairs and tried to go to bed , still shaking and stuttering like a nuttier , any way eventually went to bed and after my usual 2hrs kip I was wind awake still shaking and staggering I managed to slide down the stair to the kitchen where I tried without success to make a cup of tea, so just plugged myself back in to my iPod and waited for morning to happen, quite frosty reception next day when the boss got up for her work,.

So will I do the same again, dam right I will I will solder on as long as I can and treat my PD with the contempt it deserves.

Till next adventure


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  • Thanks for sharing this Al, hope you are in Larraines good books once again....and hope you ok too mate :-)

    Looking forward to some table dancing at my party!!

    Take care


  • I should really know better for a man in his mid fiffties , but sod it , looking forward to your big 50 mate


  • hi al

    what a brave man u r

    (and a foolish one too!!))

    i darent go outsid eon my own in case i freeze or fall and cant get up agian

    so you r v brave to go for a walk on your own

    how is the eye by the way?

    ;lol JIll


    and di am looing fwd to the table dancing too

  • Hi Jill,

    not brave just fed up with this PD stuff


  • Hi Sha,

    you are right a nutter who will not give in to this PD stuff

  • Great story! You are right PD deserves our contempt and if we ever quit fighting it's going to get us.

  • Hi shakey, you are right w ehave to keep fighting the fight or we will lose to this monster , i for one still think iam 18yrs old and invinsable , i dare say there will be more journeys that i find my self on.


  • What an inspiration you are. You are determined to carry on as normal a life as is possible and can even laugh when things go wrong, as they do. Larraine deserves a medal for her patience, but you always see the funny side of things. Keep up the good work and try not to get arrested!! Lovely to see you posting again.


  • Great story and well told. Keep up the good fight..

  • Thanks Larry,

    sorry about all the swearing but iam a glasgow boy after all


  • Al, your Awesome !

    Larraine, even more Awesome !

  • I AGREE !!

  • Al! You are a hero! Wish I had a pub in my village - I would head out and do the same x

  • Al, bless your heart I can really understand were you are coming from but you got to get hold of that anger issue. If you had happened to have that happen to you here in the States, they would have taken you to jail for all that cursing at them and let the judge find out you have Parkinson's. They have little regard for our condition. I can really feel your frustrations in your words and am glad you are sharing with us to release. I too am young, 47 and have just been dealing with this for 5 years now but we got a long time ahead of us mate. I had to stop working 2 1/2 years ago and not driven since then also. I feel like a captive in my own home most of the time because I am dependant on others to take me everywhere, I can't just up and go anywhere by myself. I haven't had sexual relations with my wife in 8 months now because she is afraid of hurting me no matter how I tell her I I fine. Talk about frustrating!!!! But it could be worse brother. We could have some type of slow cancer that eats us painfully and slowly. Or a quadriplegic from a stroke and have to have people do everything for us, or Alzheimer's. I hate this decease like you do but I have learned that it might control my body but not my mind and not my spirit.


  • I agree Shasha but I just have to fight the good fight and do it with a smile. So easy to be negative these days, just turn on the TV. No I will be happy as I can I try to encourage others the best I can for the easiest thing to do would be to just moan and groan and cry about how life sucks for me.

    Just love your picture, I bet your broke my a Frenchman's heart.

  • I feel exactly the same Sasha. I can't go anywhere without my husband. The sticking is so bad now I could cry at times! when I go round to my daughters house I just sit in a chair whereas I used to get up and help them.

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