Do I have to tell my bus firm boss that I have Parkinsons yet the DVLA have granted me a bus and lorry licence for 1 year then annual review

Hiya, I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's in March this year, my condition is stable just a mild tremor in my right hand which is well controlled with Roprinole 4mg once daily, I work as a bus driver at a small family firm and had to declare myself to the DVLA, last Thursday I received a reply saying that I have been granted a 1 year bus and lorry licence and a 3 year car licence with no restrictions, and I feel 100% fully fit and safe as before.

However, as my employers have to keep up to date records of driver's licences and details, and my licence would have come up for renewal next year when I hit the big 50(i dont even look it lol!) I can guess that I will have to tell them about the change to my licence, wouldn't I? if the truth be known, I am fair dreading it because I dont know what their reactions would be, even if I told them its only mild and my condition is stable, some people have told me dont tell them, but thats being deceitful isnt it especially in a highly responsible job like mine, and also despite the DVLA (the big body) saying that I have passed the current higher medical standards ( I didnt even have to have a medical at their request) to drive a bus and lorry for a year, I am scared that my boss will take it the wrong way and ask me to leave or else put me on something else like cleaning, please, if someone can answer this question ASAP for me it would be most gratefully appreciated.

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  • That's a tough call. Just think how you would feel if someone got injured in an accident, even it it had nothing to do with your condition. You would never really know, would you?

  • You have to think beyond the driving. Obviously, your boss has Employer's Liability and Third Party Liability insurance. Same principal applies as in my comment to emswife - if you withold a material fact from the insurers, then the whole policy becomes void. Some occupations are automatically treated as uninsurable with PD. That's why I was "retired" after 30 years of Construction Management. Imagine if I slipped 20 metres up a scaffold, and knocked someone over the edge.

    Good luck


  • I used to drive a 16 seater minibus for a social care firm. As soon as I was diagnosed I informed my employers and also the DVLA. The DVLA revoked my licence with its C1 & D1 categories and replaced it with an ordinary car licence which has to be renewed in 3 years subject to a medical review. And yes if you or your employers withold info on your PD to their insurance company then the policy will be void. I believe same goes for your employers liability insurance. All you can do is to be up front and 100% honest with them.....if they decide to stop you driving then they must offer you "reasonable adjustment" under the Equality Act 2010 ( used to be called Disability Discrimination Act ) they cant just get rid of you because you have PD. If you are in a union contact them and also Parkinsons UK have local area support workers who will offer help and advice, also go to your local Citizens Advice. And try not to worry too much

    Hope this helps you


  • Hiya, just wanted to share my good news with you all, I told my manager about it today and he was absolutely fine about it, he says that I just have to let him have the letter from the DVLA then he can update my employment record and licence details, he knows all about it because some members have it including his daughter who's only 21!!

    he said as long as the DVLA say it's OK then I have no problem, and that I am a trusted and valued employee, there will be a slight excess on the firm's insurance but that doesn't matter he says, now I can carry on driving my beloved buses!!

  • Really pleased for you and a weight off your mind no doubt :-)

  • I am too, a tremendous weight off my mind, if I'm not being nosey (I hope) why did the DVLA revoke your Group 2 entitlement, were you getting any motor symptoms, I have never experienced any, just a mild tremor in my right hand which is well controlled with Roprinole and no side effects!!

  • Its ok you`re not being at all nosey. I Dont know really why they revoked it but I`m in same position as you with just a mild tremor in my right hand controlled with 8mg of ropinirole a day and no motor symptoms. My driving licence now only allows me to drive vehicles up to a max 3.5 Tonnes.



  • Looks like its going nowhere at moment, getting very complicated, "cant do em for this, cant do em for that, cant do em for the other!!!!! lots of grey areas and now I`m working full time I lose my legal aid. They also said if I could put a claim in it would take months with no guarantees of any success!!


  • Don't know if this could have made any difference to their decision, but I told them in my original letter that I felt as safe and in control as ever before, as regards my reflexes co ordination etc, and that if I was allowed to keep my Group 2 entitlement it would mean a lot to me as it's my livelihood, but must have had satisfactory reports from my neuro and GP as well, because it said in their letter that I have satisfied the current medical standards of fitness to drive, but was mighty worried because it said in their first letter when I sent away my medical questionnaire that if you passed your driving test before January 1997 and your licence has to be restricted or revoked in any way, you will lose your Group 2 entitlement unless you can meet the higher medical standards required for professional drivers.

    it said in their reply that I could appeal against their decision now I have a medical short period licence, but I don't think thats worth it do you, because I was fully expecting the worst and I think that they have been very, very fair, I'm only too glad that I have kept my bus licence if only for a year, when it will be looked at again, fingers crossed - but my condition has been stable for well over a year now, my neuro says it could be up to 10 or so more years if it changes in any way, but I love life and believe in thinking positive, I am used to this mild tremor now and have lots of hobbies and interests outside work.

    When you received their reply, did you consider appealing against their decision or not, in your case it may well have been worth it, I'm really very sorry to read that your bus and lorry entitlement was revoked, esp as your symptoms seem the same, and by an almighty stroke of luck, I kept mine (don't mean to rub it in!) Life can be so unfair at the best of times.


  • I decided not to appeal, cos it seemed it would take forever and anyway would have made no difference as I lost my job as company got rid of minibuses...and me!! working full time again now though. btw I was told same about it being 10 yrs or so b4 any changes occur.....and dont worry ya not rubbin it in lol :-D

  • I should tell your union rep and the bus company at the same time.

    I think that is all they need to know.

  • sounds like good advice. I used to work for NYC Transit and bus operators were put on other duty for high blood pressure or diabetes. THey are required to have frequent checkups as well as random drug tests. Don't know about private or smaller companies. I wish you luck and good driving, no matter what :)

  • The truth is always the best, you would feel bad if something happened when your were driving, even if it wasn't your fault it will be because of un declared PD . You just don't want to look like you lied. AS I said Truth is the best. WHY?? because I can remember that, anything else wrote or said I won't remmeber LOL just so much easier telling the truth. Good luck!

  • Hi Andy, so glad that you've got a new full time job, I still can't quite believe what's happened, I was fully expecting them to revoke my vocational entitlement, I have been driving minibuses and full size ones for the last 24 years now and love it, been a bus spotter since the tender age of 3 lol :)

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