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Hello from a new boy

Hello Everyone - I have been diagnosed for 9 years and am better now than i was 4 years ago. I put that down to seeing a marvellous Neuorlogist in Cambridge (not my home town) who recommended Azilect as an adddition to my Sinemet Plus and Amantadine and to change my Ropinirole to Requip XL.

This change of drugs changed my life and I have added a weight traning regime 3 times a week which has furthrer benefitted me.

Together with the love of my partner Josephine and our dog Sophie I would - as we say in Scotland - "not call the king my cousin"

A good sleep and plenty of water both help as well as a positive attitude "I shall not be beaten by this horrible thing"

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hi f

good to hear that your neuro has changed yur meds and hta tyou r feellilng the benefitsof it

( I have PSP for whihc no meds are available)

but i am good as i am prett y sure i have the slwo version fo it

i thas meant lots of lifestyle changes but not tooo bad really

lol JILL



Great to hear some good news you sound so positive keep it up an inspiration thanks for sharing


Sounds just like my story!



So good to hear. I have PD since 2007. Last autumn, I started getting worse, I found it hard to think clearly. I had trouble keeping my head together. In December I met my neurologist and got Azilect. Azilect has completely changed my life. I feel very good and my ability to think clearly is like I was 20. I know there are many side effects of Azilect. But I've done just fine.

Mr Day.


Good to hear it is working for you too

The plain truth is if we considered the potential side effects of every drug we might end up taking none!

If the potential benefits of a drug are deemed by you and your medical experts as worth having then the risks are worth taking


great to hear a positive story,i also live in scotland and have found the neurologists here,(i,v seen three),not helpful at all,my symptoms are getting worse and they seem very reluctant to change meds.


Find another until you are satisfied. Look for a movement disorder doctor.

You have to be in control and don't settle. Blessings


P.S. Alanrob I am on my third and she is great.


I had anxiety attacks and crying jags from Azilect and it usually happened when I was driving my car.


Thank you for sharing your warming experience...cheers to the future! Let's contribute to finding a cure in our lifetime...


I have used Azilect for 9 months (since I was diagnosed) with only good results.


Can I just say - "Me, too!" ... I was diagnosed in 2010 & feel so much better two years later & I am much more active than I was two years ago - I, too, owe it to the greatest neurologist ever! The right meds, some physical therapy to get started again, and life is good!


tThat's fantastic Melodysam - it just goes to show that there are lots of potential "control of symptom" solutions if only the Neurologists got together more and (for some of them) listen to the patients.

I have a friend in Edinburgh who asked her Neurologist if she could try Azilect - since it has done so much for me - but his response was "oh no, we don't use Azilect here". This was errant nonsense since I got it prescribed in Edinburgh following my consultation with who I would rate as the world's best Neurologist !! Did I tell you that I approached him via Email havinmg seen/heard him speak at a conference in London and he was most happy to see me?


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