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A new arrival

A number of my friends on this site asked me to let them know when our grandson was born. I am pleased to announce the arrival of Jamie on Wednesday, 11th July at 2.10 p.m. He initially had trouble breathing and was ventilated for a very short time, but I am pleased to say that mother and son are now fit and well and home from hospital. He weighed in at 6lbs 7oz and looks so small. His big sister, who is 4, is very pleased but would really have liked a sister!!

This new life will, I hope, encourage me to fight Parkinsons more vigorously than I have been doing recently as I fully intend to be as useful a Nana as is possible and to show Parkinsons who is boss in our forced relationship.

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Congratulations! It is always nice to hear of something good happening, and a birth is the best, enjoy your grandson xx


Hi Sue :-)

Many congratulations to you all on the arrival of Jamie :-) You must be so proud.

Andy xx


hi sue

congrats to you all too

lol Jill



Congrats & Blessings on Your New Grandson Jamie !! We do not have any Grandkids yet, but we really enjoy our Great Nephews !! I know when My Husband who has Parkinsons sees them, he Smiles & has a Better Day !! Have a Great Weekend !! :)


Thanks to everyone for their good wishes on the birth of our new grandson. I really appreciate these. We are going down to see him shortly. Though I doubt he will have changed much since yesterday!!



Grandbabies are the best. Mine make things seem perfect.

I'm expecting grandbaby #8 in January. Am very excited, except I have to leave Florida and go to Canada in the middle of winter. Only a grandbaby could get me there in winter. :)




Absolutely Marvelous, enjoy xxx


May he have a Blessed Life.


Congrats Nana. Enjoy, they grow up so fast.



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