Thunderstorms and Parkinsons

I had noticed when thunderstorm are in the area or striking,Having the feeling of a off time or just not feeling well,I had post this on similar site like this for question and answer for parkinsons.I thought i would get negative responces from people,But I really do feel sick with thunderstroms and lighting storms,A neuro doctor who monitor the site and assist with the question and answers,Said that I wasn't far off with my question.With the electric fields in lighting storms throwing out electric charges to effect the neurons in the brain and with parkinsons there is alot of misfiring of neurons,Hey with a DBS it works with a electrical stimulations.Well any way,They said I wasn't far off,the barometric pressure can affect the neurons in the brain as per this neuro doctor and other people felt the same affect,I don;t know if this a issue for anyone,But I do feel a change in my parkinsons during a lighting storm

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  • I'll have to check it out next time (later today). So many factors but I"m in NYC so it may not be easy to separate out. BY the way, I saw the AMazing Spider Man in 3D . Very loud and set off my dyskinesia as I gripped, swung and fell sympathetically. Fortunately it was a morning showing so did not disturb too many patrons. Highly recommended if it's your cup of tea!

  • I live in southern AZ where we have a definite monsoon season. Historically I felt better after lightening but not so this year. It could be that I have just been degrading faster in the last 6 months. Rapid swings in baro-pressure and humidity are also bad. I feel for those in the heatwave. Even though I'm in AZ, I live at 5000 ft so it is never too bad.

  • I am thinking about moving to Vail. Would you name some advantages of this potential (but not certain) move?

  • Vail is about 3000 ft so it is warmer than where I live. It is basically a suburb of Tucson only 5 degrees cooler. Main advantage: lots of sunshine and low humidity.

  • Thank you for your kindness in replying. I have a home in Vail that I

    just hired people to paint all the inside, do the tile floors, do the yard, full cleaning. I am thinking of move there if I can't sell it. Thanks again. ~~Dennis

  • Hi PatV,I am just across the river from you in Jersey City.My family noticed I had a problems with ligthning storms,I use to feel a change in me,before any sign of them,I used to go to the movies alot,But loud sounds and noises make me jump,I also have problems with my eyes at times,My left eye geta stuck,The doctors tell me to follow their finger and the get stuck and then lets go,I get this feeling when people pass me it's like a shifting,Like slices of movementwhen someone moves,and I go to the movies I get very stiff sitting there,But yes I grew up with spider man,May go and see it on a good day,Thanks

  • It's the "movements" around me that cause problems too - movies are great but I don't deal well with QUICK, JERKY movements on the screen - loudness is not good either ... Getting an eye checkup next week - my eyes feel weaker when reading & I do love to read ...

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