DBS adjusted as I had a spell in the doctor office

I must tell my good news, I have been having terriable freezing problems. SO upsetting . I saw my doctor and had a big spell in her office, as she adjusted the implants I gelt my right arm just unlock and i could raise it, then the left arm did the same thing, I have been spell free since 2 p.m yesterday I m almost afriaid to enjoy the fact that I feel really good!! I just thought it would be wonderful to put some good news out to you all. Have a wonderful day!!


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  • Congrats Kadie! May each and every day ahead be "freeze free"!

  • Thats GR8! How long ago did you get the dbs? How would you rate it?

  • I had dbs Apriil 10th 2012 it is like a switch was flipped and after 9 yrs I sropped shaking it was an awesome feeling the surgery was hard but you look towards the reward at the end. I have a a huge support team friends, family church, people who don't know me call just to encourage me after a news paper article came out.

  • Awesome news. I was wondering about you after reading your earlier posts. I too had DBS surgery on June 15 -and the first programming on June 28. I know it's early in the game; and like you, I started issues I didnt have before-- like freezing. I was great when they finished programming the first time, but it went away after about 2 days. So happy for you and encouraged BY you. How long does it take to get your stamina back?

  • Good to exhibit your worst symptoms in front of neuro!

  • I feel good but I m learning my meds all over again, seems trail and error could be a better way to figure this out, But I will take what I can and deal with rest. My eyes are an issue and I always think I spell thing correctly and i know i have looked right at a word, then when i re read what i wrote later there is the tpyo I really did not see it before. The stamina comes and goes I have found to much sleeping makes it worse so I make myslef get up if i had a bad med day it makes me tired i sleep you just need to find your way of doing things.

  • How wonderful! I'm glad they could see your freezing episode. It is a lot easier to adjust when you are having the symptoms than guessing. I pray for continued success.

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