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Life Lessons

I have never

found it hard

to start a conversation

with a total stranger

and an hour later

have that stranger

call me friend.

I can

listen to your life story

all day long

and never

offer up my own.

I may compliment

your clothes

or your hairstyle

and the way

you tell a tale

but shy away

from any kind word

you may say

about me.

Living is easy

It's living well

that's hard.

I struggle every day

to prove my worth

to make my mark

on this world.

Every person

that enters my life

no matter

how much, or for how long

touches my soul

and leaves

with me

their life lessons.


7 Replies

V well put Jane. I agree except that I am happy to give any info about myself too

Lol Jill:-)


As ever a wonderful poem, keep it up you are so clever


Very nice


Very nice Jane.


This is wonderful. I couldn't have described myself better. I find it extremely hard to take compliments in fact my daughter comments on this and gets cross with me. I do however readily give them. Could it be our upbringing - I'm not sure, but thanks for posting x


lovely . as always - i save all your poems to a file


Thank You Shasha, that's very flattering!


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