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How do you kick start effectively in the morning?

Hi everyone,

I am wearing off during the night and am struggling in the mornings to get up, dressed and ready to drive to work for 8:30am.

I have the following medications:-

- Madopar Booster tablets 12.5mg/40mg dispersible. Tablet form.

- Standard - Sinemet - 12.5mg/50mg. Tablet form.

- Sinemet/Caramet CR, 25mg/100mg - slow release. Table form

I have no information on how long these meds take to start working in the body, when they peak and when they start to wear off to use effectively.

Any suggestions on how to use to kick start in the morning or if I need relief from taking a dose of Caramet CR late or have a bout of dystonia.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hi there

My GP recently told me that the normal relief tablets peak at 4 hours (Sinemet Co-coreldopa, etc). But if you take 2 at one dose, it becomes 6 hours, which is no good for my med routine, so I take 2 with a cup of tea, run my bath during the second cup, then let the heat of the bathwater boost my circulation and bring the effect on quicker. That way, when I come along the hallway to make the tea, I am so unsteady that I bounce off the walls, but an hour later, I am able to take the dog for a long shuffle. (usually 3 miles)

Good luck. But ask your GP, as he will have a better knowledge than me.



can't comment about the meds but I swear by silky pajamas loud cheesy 1970's disco and marmite x


I start off with stretches in the bed...john colemans upside down beetle exercise is great...lie on back and bend up alternate knees at the sane time as doing alternate arm strectched. I take 1000 gm vit c each day, co enzyme q10' omega 3 oil, zinc..


Imagine you are laid next to your Mother in law without her teeth in and hairnet on and she is going to make amorous advances to you.

That should be enough to make anyone jump out of bed.


Many thanks. You have just reminded me of my ex- Mother-in-Law. She answered to he title "Godzilla in a Dress". and yes, I did call her that. The rule is "never say anything about someone that you have not said


..... have not said to them"


The slow release is an 8 hr pill I take a cr before bed at 10 p.m then I take meds starting 5 a.m go back to bed in a hour up at 6 a.m - Im good to go, my mix is 2 reg levadopa and 2 cr levadopa both 25/100mg., taken upto 7 x's daily. I also have a 6mg patch to replace the Mirapex I was taking.

Then wear your pj's sliky and your bed room area wonderful you'll enjoy waking up and sliidng out of bed . KADIE

p.s I do leg stretches also in bed, on my stomach and stretch arms and legs, after that the legs seem to hold me better.

Stay cool, and safe travels for the 4th of July holiday!.


By the sound of it , Not one of you the above are off , Wish i could run to the bath room. I couldn't even run the bath.

To kick start you double the dose. By the sounds of it your not off just stiff like were before you had PD

yours EXPORT.


I have trouble in the am also I have started taking Tai Chi classes and so now I shuffle to the kitchen get my pills get a hot shower the Tai Chi and breakfast

Have a Blessed Day



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