Does anyone know of a safe cleanse routine for PD patients?

I have visceral off meaning I'm becoming more and more dependent on laxatives, etc. Last week when I had a big schedule I seriously felt like I was dying. I can't fast because I have to take meds with a snack. I'm up to 100/25 sinimet every 3 hours. That's a lot of snacking. Maybe I'm to the point I need to limit the protein during the day. Noticable pd 10 years, dx 7, on sinemet 6. Thanks, I love reading your posts.

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  • I too take 100-25 every 3 hrs but I do not need snacks with it. I do eat oatmeal with raisins everyday plus lots of fruit and yogurt. Also fresh veggies. This seems to help.

    Do you have problems with dyskinesias or depression/anxiety? I have increased dyskinesia and anxiety/depression as as the dose wears off.

    Do you drink a full 8 oz of water with each pill?

  • Yes painful dyskinesia.

    No drink water before or bet meds.

    I'm looking for a sAfe juice fast to clean out system.

    Thanks so much!

  • Best not to rely on any kind of laxatives except in the short term if you can help it.

    Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables drink lots of water.

    Porridge in a morning with added Oatbran is very good you can add dried fruits etc prunes. Plain live Yogurt also is good for the gut.

    If you take a laxative too often your gut loses its muscular tone, and you therefor will have to rely all the time on laxatives this will make it much worse to cope with in the future.


  • I'm alreAdy at that point. And I do eat the foods you recommend. Now what?:D. Thanks!

  • I give my husband an occasional ortisan fuit cube . Find them in health stores or Tesco's . Usually start with just a quarter of cube . I know some people have some other things on prescription

  • Prunes and fruit . along with porridge ..

  • My husband has really bad constipation and our doctor told us to use Miralax daily and that it would not harm him. Of course, we use it as needed because we don't like using something like that on a regular basis but it has helped him. Lots and lots of water will also help.

  • Yes I tried it and found it fairly irritating and also results were strange. Also tried an British product that worked better but high in sodium so knees (bursitis) hurt. Aloe vera is good and magnesium supplements.



  • GOOD NEWS, FRIENDS! I have found a Gastro Intestinal (GI) doctor who has recommended a common sense diet AND referred me to a Physical Therapist (PT) specializing in abdominal pain! Amazing. I am seeing results after a week. Involves ab massage and keeping track of (well, you know) and also how many seconds I pee. Good grief. I have hope!

  • Something simple to get your kidneys and liver cleansed - 16oz of water- add a tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tabs cranberry juice (unsweetened) and 2 dandelion tea bags (after steeping ) .

    For colon and liver cleanse - try livamend tablets .

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