My new job......Part 3

I`m pleased to announce that my first couple of shifts in my new job as a support worker went really well and without incident, I`m realistic enough to know that wont always be the case, there will be challenges and I hope I will be able to rise to them. Thats what you have to expect working with young adults with autism and other learning disabilities. And I was still able to spend time with my 3 kids during the day on Sunday. tonight I`m going to a social club especially for people with learning disabilities between 7pm and 9pm just to shadow a couple of my fellow support workers, I`m also hoping I`ll meet some clients I used to work with in my previous job, should be fun!

Andy :-)

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  • Really glad things are working out so well for you. :)

  • Hi Andy

    Good 4 u,


    Lo Jill


  • Great to hear things have moved on for you, take care now x

  • Keep on keeping on Andy. All power to your elbow and may the road rise up to meet you!


  • That's great news!

  • Really pleased things are working out well for you.


  • superb news andy - keep us posted #

  • That's great Andy. :-)

  • awesome x

  • your job must be so rewarding, really pleased its going well im sure you will take any challange in your stride x

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