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So I'm getting divorced. I'm living alone. And I'm lonely and miserable as hell, especially in the mornings before my medication kicks in. So what do I do? Adopt two kittens!

Am I out of my mind? Fully aware that I can barely take care of myself I go out and adopt two kittens?

It was an impulse buy, to be sure. Somehow I noticed that a local PAWS shelter was having a special event which included "three full kitten rooms". I absorbed the information and switched off the decision-making part of my brain. And just to make it inevitable, I told my sons about it and invited them to come along.

The result? The slapstick comedy team of Pria and Octavia (photo to follow). They disrupt my sleep. Chew socks and wires. Eat and poop their own weight every day. And constantly remind me that my life has changed for good.

And I am very glad I have them. I am not lonely anymore.

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Oh but it will get better I love my old moggy even though she caught fleas lately but ok now. They bring you company of some sort, persevere, get advise about fleas, worms and such. what fun. take care now.


Good for you! Pets take your mind of how terrible you feel. Divorce is always difficult and now you have two warm little Kitties who need you to love and

pamper them and above all love them unconditionally as they will you. Pets don't know about PD except when "Mom" or "Dad" is much more emotional than they used to be and cries a lot. Our pets are parrots and if you don't think that' s funny when I am teary. I'll be asked' "Are you all right?" and when I answer "NO!". thus huge voice out in the sun room says ," We'll get 'em". I don't know what our African Gray thinks. he going to get, but so it is funny to hear. So enjoy your little ones. - you have little darlings waiting for your affection,

good luck from an other animal lover,




Jenny, I have Parrots too!...and little fluffy dogs (maltipoos)They are such a joy.

The Parrots have learned to bark at the dogs. They also tell me "be careful" as I have slipped once too often..and ask "are you ok?" when I start to slide on the freshly mopped floor. Animals do wonders to keep your sprints up don't they?


divorce was the best thing that happened to me, yes im single still but i love it, can do what i want when i want. OK i now have pd but thanks to good family and friends and this site. when i feel down i get the relevant kick up the bs...when i first got divorced ( x hubby had an affair) i had a dog Thumshy but i lost him year ago at the good old age of 17. for the next few weeks i am doggy sitting for a friends dog Maggie. i love it. it makes me get up in the morning to walk her then again at night, you would have laughed this morning, she found a hole in the fence when chasing next doors cats. i had to also give chase in my onesy and fluffy slippers, thank god this was 6am no one saw this telly tubby chasing a dog.... pets are great they give us something to focus on not just the pd...dont be lonely we areall here and on facebook....

enjoy the kittens

im going to curl up on couch with maggie and see what night time tv holds








Cats are more independant as they grow, but they may come to love you, in which case they will enjoy your company, and if allowed to hunt will bring you back trophies and fleas. But cats are loveable.

Dogs need exercise which can be difficult if some days you just cannot get out.

I think Animals are a wise choice for company.

Up till recently I had an African Grey Parrot (Polly 40 years) she was my constant companion, she gave me exercise as she loved to dance (in her own way) and could talk you to death. I miss my little girl

I still have my Cat and dog. I love them to bits.



Thanks to facebook, I have followed your kittens. I will tell you that I was not a cat person, dog person, but my kids wanted cats. Of course to the disappointment of my children, their cats wanted me. I have come to like them and respect their very differing spirits. We have one, Wildcat, who is just that, still a cat of raw nature. She is my daughter's cat, but will almost let no one except me touch her, she has gotten a little better with age.

Max is her son that we kept from her only litter, which she became more "normal" afterwards. I call him an affection whore, sorry, but he is and very demanding about it! He is beautiful and regal.(you can see his pics on facebood). They are allowed in my room, but neither on my bed. I have had several really BAD weeks. Last week, each was determined to get ON my bed. They sense when you need extra care. I had a dog for 17 years of my adult life who was the closest thing to a soulmate that I think I will ever have. He could read every emotion and expression on my face and was always there for me.

Animals are amazing creatures. Litter boxes are a pain in the rear, my children have to take care of that one! Thankfully, my cats are indoor/outdoor, so take care of much outdoors. But they really do add so much to our lives.

I have to set boundaries with mine, much as I would do with a child or a person in a relationship. If you don't want them in your bed, set that boundary, mine know my limits in every area of my home, they try them with me, but they also know who is boss.

Presents....they bring many. Funny, they always set them down beside the driver's side door of my car. Last week I felt like part of the Godfather, a decapitated bunny, but I know they meant well, it is their nature.

I am glad you have your two kitties, they are always better in pairs as they also are social in nature. Enjoy them, soon all they will seem to do is sleep!


I have a guinea pig. :)


I am lonely like u are but had pets before and I didn't like it. What else do u do to pass the time. I don't have that much family and don't have any friends because my best friend was why wife of 26 yrs, and she wants a divorce. So now I left no one. What do you do to kill time during a lonely day. I can get around but the PD makes me scared of making friends with new people. I hope there is someone out for me...etc, etc.


I'm sorry you are having a tough time. I have voice problems and constantly have to repeat myself but I still get out and go. Don't be afraid of making new friends. You need to keep yourself out there in order to meet new people. Don't let Parkinson's hold you hostage. Enjoy everyday, embrace it and make it the best it can be. :-) :-)



sorry to hear you are lonely. have you thought about joining some kind of group, do you work, i find being part of a team at work is fun, they are all much younger than me but all know my condition and we make light of it. i know im lucky to be able to continue to work, facebook ot friends reunited.... focus on what you have , listen to me only few weeks ago i had melt down and fell mentally to bits. its the joy of pd.. or so im told. im in scotland where are you..

diane mitchell


I live in Miami. I don't work and have a lot of trouble walking. Scotland. My sister just recently went to Ireland. I can not continue to work at my last career because it was too stressful. I was looking into joining a support group but I'm afraid. I also have family in Slovenia which I sometimes talk to Facebook.


I have resuced yellow lab or Buddy has us, he seems to know when to come to me resting his head on my knees, Buddy knows my hand is slow but waits patiently for a stratch behind the ear and his tug on his loose fur on the neck, (not hard it is our game) AND BY the way WHY ARE WE ALWAYs WAITING FOR OUR MEDS TO KICK IN? Good for the cats you gave a home and I'm glad you not so lonely any more. Have wonderful day or the best we are allowed, KADIE


Pets are definitely a blessing to have around especially when you are feeling lousy. There is no one better than a cat or dog to love you and lift your spirits. Yes, sometimes they can be pests, but in the long run, the best thing you could do. Good luck!


Get a pet. They do wonders. Don't know what I'd do if I didn't have Coffee, Storm and Sivler keeping me in stiches with their playful antics.


Good for you for adopting your furry children. My husband and I have 3 kitties or they have us. Am not sure. Our cats are dog like and run to greet us door, fectch and beg. They add sooo much joy and love to our lives. The only fear we have is that as my husband's symptoms progress he may trip and hurt them or the him during a balance issue. but we would both never wish to be without them.


I have commented onthe other blog

Lol Jill and chico



Lol, I just had to laugh when I read your post Michael. It's not so much different than what I did on Saturday. I have a 100 lb GSD named Deacon and a very fat shorthair cat named Rascal Now let me get to the good part. I was going through Saturdays newspaper and came upon an ad for a mixed breed 6 week old kitten that was half Siamese and half Himalayan. I have always wanted a Himalyan so I called the seller and ended up going to see him. One look and I was hooked!!! I gave the woman $80 and brought him home. My GDS and fat cat did not share the same feelings that I did. The last two days were horrible. The barking,hissing etc was awful and just went on and on.This morning I had to take the kitty to the local SPCA!!! I'm sure he's going to be adopted fast, he was such a little cute. My stupid compulsive behavior cost me $80 and the next time I have a compulsion I will talk to someone before I buy!!!


We have a cocateal, 2 cats, 3 dogs. The cats are easy, dogs take some effort, but other than the bird they are all great to have around. All but the third dog were adopted before I was diagnosed, when I was working. I'm home alone all day, everyday, but never alone.


I have 3 cocker spaniels, Shirley, Tia and Tosca and a very naughty border terrier called Jimmy. I couldn't imagine life without them x


I rescued Ewa, my dog, from the Humane (?!) Society soon after I discovered that my husband was conducting a comprehensive search for a wife to replace his damaged model.

i left the husband behind and moved to Hawaii.

Ewa has been my light and my guardian for 18 months now. Yes, at times I groan about potty time but she has kept me active and creates reasons for me to smile.

But, a pet does not replace a partner and can only do so much to keep you from being lonely,


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