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Good evening all

2nd shift at work gone well, I'm sleeping in again, both clients in bed, pads ( diapers ) changed and Meds administered, time for me and my fellow support worker to put our feet up and relax.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, let me know what you're doing.

I'm seeing my kids on sunday as I'm working all day tomorrow. Taking the clients 10 pin bowling tomorrow....should be fun!!

Enjoy the weekend! :-)

Andy xx

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  • Sounds like they are blessed to have you.

    Enjoy those kids while you can....they grow up way too fast. :)

  • Hi Andy,

    Sounds like you landed a good job, i am going for Christmas Dinner at our friends tonight, should be afun as they are off there nuts.

    Will get some pics and share with you all

    Have a good weekend


  • Hi Andy pleased job going well, we are going to visit my son and daughter-in-law in Leeds, they are doing up their new home, so will probably find a job or 2, I am at work late shift tomorrow then nights for rest of week, seriously considering retiring soon, know Pete wants me to. Take care

  • Retirement is good. :-)


  • Very good



  • hi andy

    Enjouy the new job - u r great!

    a good saings mathc for me last night

    but rainiing hard

    a good iwn as it s the first mathc i have been to for several weeks

    resitng up today aa free day tomorrow

    lol jjILL


  • hi jill when are you going to see ure neuro

  • hisha

    seen him on monday

    and he htinks /agrees i have the slow PSP

    good news)

    speak soon on SKYPE

    LOL JIil


  • That's great news Jill. :-)


  • That's really good news from the neuro. Hope you are well settled in your new home. Will e-mail you soon.

    Take care LOL Sue


  • Hi sue

    Good news from dr steiger

    But he was a bit reluctant to commit himself

    Info not intend to go downhill fast

    Loo Jill


  • that is great news jill ]

    speak soon

  • well done andy - you are one amazing guy

  • Proud on you Andy. Last night I dreamed I had to get to work :D

  • Good for you Andy. Sounds like everything is going to work out well for you. Have a great weekend and a great Sunday with the kids.


  • Hi Andy

    Have a wonderful day with your kids tomorrow and glad you are enjoying your new job. Hope you all enjoyed the bowling. Seems things are looking up for you.

    Keep me updated.

    Sue :-)

  • Hi Andy

    .Always nice to read your blog. Over here in Northern Europe the summer has come to us now. My vacation begins in a week and then i get five weeks off. we go then to our summer house. I'm building a little house in the summer. if you are good at adding floors so please feel free to come over and help.

    Mr. D

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